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Aaron Jones quizzed on Green Bay Packers, his NFL career

*It's time to put NFL players to the test. What do they know about their teams? And how well-versed are they when it comes to their own careers? With help from NFL Media Research, the NFL Snap Quiz presents trivia questions -- based on unique statistics and football facts -- for fan favorites to answer in this light but informative one-on-one interview. *

Today, third-year running back Aaron Jones is quizzed by's Brooke Cersosimo on the Green Bay Packers and his own career.

Cersosimo: Let's start with this one. How many Super Bowl titles do the Packers have?

Jones: We're the 13-time world champs.

Cersosimo: OK ...?

Jones: But the Super Bowl? I would say ... five?

Cersosimo: Close. They have four.

Jones: Oh, four. (Laughs.) Somewhere close.

Cersosimo: Well, it's always better to go higher, right?

Jones: Yes. (Laughs.) Oh, well. We're going to get one this year. That's why I said five.

Cersosimo: Oh, oh, got it. I really hope that's not true because I'm a Vikings fan. (Both laugh.) OK. How about, who has more league MVP awards: Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?

Jones: I really feel like that's a trick question.

Cersosimo: There is a right answer.

Jones: I'm gonna say A-Rod.

Cersosimo: Sorry, it's Favre. He has three and Rodgers has two.

Jones: Oh, really? Man ...

Cersosimo: Who did the first-ever Lambeau Leap?

Jones: Uh, LeRoy Butler.

Cersosimo: Yep, that's right! OK, now there are five former Packers coaches who have streets named after them in Green Bay. Who are they?

Jones: (Mike) McCarthy. Um ... (Mike) Holmgren. Uh, ummm ... (Vince) Lombardi.

Cersosimo: Yep. Those are all right.

Jones: Ummm ... (Curly) Lambeau?

Cersosimo: Yep, one more.

Jones: One sec. OK, I got Holmgren, McCarthy, Lombardi, Lambeau ... is it ...? Hmm, no.

Cersosimo: So this last person is tricky because he was a coach, but was more well-known for what he did as a player. Does that help?

Jones: Hmmm ... I don't know. Who is it?

Cersosimo: Bart Starr.

Jones: Ah, that's who I was gonna say, but I didn't know he was a coach. I knew he played quarterback, though.

Cersosimo: Yeah, that was tricky. ... How many former UTEP players have won a Super Bowl as a player?

Jones: Oh. I'm gonna say ... hmmm ... I'm gonna say two.

Cersosimo: Six.

Jones: Six? Oh, wow!

Cersosimo: A lot of them won a title in the 1980s and '90s, so it was a little before your time.

Jones: Well, um, one is from the Packers, right?

Jones/Cersosimo simultaneously: Chris Jacke.

Jones: Yeah, I knew him. There's another one that played for the Eagles. He was a long snapper. He stopped snapping because of a heart condition.

Cersosimo: Oh, that's right. Let's look, because ...

Jones: Jon Dorenbos! That's his name.

Cersosimo: (Googles) OK, so Dorenbos was traded to the Saints during the 2017 preseason, then needed heart surgery and retired in September of that year.

Jones: Oh, OK. I knew he played for the Eagles but had to retire.

Cersosimo: It looks like (Eagles owner) Jeffrey Lurie promised him a ring, so he did get a Super Bowl ring. He just didn't technically play for the Eagles that year, but we'll count it.

Jones: OK. So seven, right?

Cersosimo: Yeah, so we have Jacke and Dorenbos. The others are Tony Tolbert with Dallas, Seth Joyner with Denver, Lee Mays with the Steelers, Don Maynard with the Jets and George Daney with Kansas City.

Jones: I'll have to make it eight. (Laughs)

Cersosimo: Well, you definitely have a chance, the way your team is playing this year.

Jones: I know, right?!

Cersosimo: The next one is ... Your 23 career rush TDs are tied for most by a player taken in the 2017 NFL Draft. Who else has 23?

Cersosimo: Nope.

Jones: Uh, Alvin Kamara?

Cersosimo: Yep, Kamara. And that's crazy to think, considering you were the 19th running back taken that year. (Jones nods.) How many of the 18 backs who were selected before you can you name?

Jones: Oh, man. OK, uh, so there's (Leonard) Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, Dalvin (Cook). Um, Jamaal (Williams). Joe Williams. Alvin Kamara. Um, um, Donnel Pumphrey. Um, I'm tryin' to think of who else. Ummm ... I know it. Hold on. I'm trying to think who was all in our ... Kareem Hunt. Marlon Mack. Is Marlon Mack on there?

Cersosimo: Yep, he's on there.

Jones: I'm trying to think who was all in our class. Tarik Cohen. Um ... uh, (snaps) he went to Boise State. Uh, Jeremy McNichols.

Cersosimo: Good one ...

Jones: Was Brian Hill one?

Cersosimo: Yep.

Jones: Um ... how many is that so far?

Cersosimo: That's 13.

Jones: Trying to think. Uh, D'Onta Foreman. (Long pause.) I'm trying to go through all 32 teams. I used to know it off the top of my head. Oh, James Conner.

Cersosimo: Yep, that's two more.

Jones: I already said Kareem Hunt, huh?

Cersosimo: Yeah, you have three left.

Jones: If I could see every team ... The Cowboys didn't take anyone that year. Chris Carson is in Seattle, and he went later than me.

Cersosimo: Do you want me to tell you the final three?

Jones: Um ... hold on. Kansas City took Kareem Hunt. OK, who'd I miss?

Cersosimo:Samaje Perine.

Jones: Oh, Samaje Perine. Yep, from OU.

Cersosimo:T.J. Logan.

Jones: Oh, I know T.J. Logan.

Cersosimo: And Wayne Gallman is the final guy.

Jones: Clemson. I knew all three of those. He went to New York (Giants).

Cersosimo: That was pretty good, though. All right, now your 11 rush TDs are tied for most in the league with which other player?

Cersosimo: Yep, that was an easy one. Let's make this one a little tougher.

Jones: (Laughs.) OK.

Cersosimo: You're on pace for 17 rushing TDs this season, which would be second-most in a season in Packers franchise history. Which Hall of Famer holds the Packers record?

Jones: Um ... I have two people who come to mind. Uh, Ahman Green is one of them.

Cersosimo: It's not him.

Jones: And um ... what's his name? Um ... who, uh, I just passed his, uh ... I'm trying to think. It's not Paul Hornung, is it?

Cersosimo: Nope, not him.

Jones: Um ... what's the other guy? Is it Tom?

Cersosimo: No. Do you want me to tell you? (Jones nods.) Jim Taylor.

Jones: Oh, that's who I meant. I just tied with him, uh, for touchdowns in a season. That's who I was thinking of. I couldn't think of his name. He kept popping up in my Twitter feed when I tied his record.

Cersosimo: He had several good seasons. His record is 19 rushing touchdowns in 1962.

Jones: Oh, wow. I got a little ways to go.

Cersosimo: All right, next question. So you're on pace for 22 scrimmage TDs this season, which would be a Packers franchise record. Who currently holds the record?

Jones: (Quietly.) Ahman Green?

Cersosimo: Yep, that's right. He had 20 in 2003.

Jones: I felt like one of these had to be Ahman.

Cersosimo: The next question is ... You're one of three players since 2016 to have multiple games in a single season with three-plus rush TDs. Who are the others?

Jones: I'm going to say ... maybe Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott)? Todd (Gurley)?

Cersosimo: Yep, Todd Gurley is one.

Jones: I was gonna say ... My three were gonna be Todd, Alvin Kamara and Zeke. But it's neither of them two?

Cersosimo: Nope, not Zeke or Kamara. The second guy did this in 2016.

Jones: I'm tryin' to remember that year. It's not Devonta Freeman is it?

Cersosimo: No.

Jones: Hmm ... 2016. You're gonna have to tell me.

Cersosimo:David Johnson.

Jones: Ah, I should've known. He was having a great year.

Cersosimo: So, in Week 5, you became the first player with four-plus scrimmage touchdowns vs. the Cowboys since 1994. Which player accomplished the feat in '94?

Jones: Did he play for the Packers?

Cersosimo: He did.

Jones: Four scrimmage touchdowns ... like ... Brett Favre?

Cersosimo: Sorry, not a quarterback.

Jones: Oooh ... in 1994? That's the year I was born.

Cersosimo: Oh, so you don't remember watching this game then? (Both laugh)

Jones: OK, I don't know who it is.

Cersosimo: Sterling Sharpe.

Jones: Oh! I did not know that. Shout out to Sterling Sharpe!

Cersosimo: All right, we have two more questions.

Jones: OK.

Cersosimo: How many Packers are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Jones: Well, you gave me one earlier. Jim Taylor. Another one just got in, Jerry Kramer. Bart Starr. Is Brett Favre in the Hall of Fame yet?

Cersosimo: Yeah, he was a first-ballot guy.

Jones: OK, that's four. Reggie White. Five. ...

Cersosimo: Think more than the amount you can probably name.

Jones: OK. Um ... I'm gonna say, like, 17?

Cersosimo: Kinda close. There are 25 Packers in the Hall of Fame.

Jones: 25? Oh, shoot! 25?! Shout out to the Packers! (Laughs.) Man, I'm tryin' to be 26. Well, A-Rod's gonna be there before me, but ... so, 27.

Cersosimo: OK, OK ... That leads me to my next question. How many Packers will be in the Hall of Fame in 15 years?

Jones: In 15 years? Ah, man.

Cersosimo: So a lot of players will most likely be retired and eligible by then ... with a few exceptions.

Jones: I'll say ... five more.

Cersosimo: Do you have any guesses of who those guys will be?

Jones: A-Rod, of course. Uh, Davante Adams, I think, if he continues his career the way he's playin'. I'd have to see Jimmy's stats -- Jimmy Graham -- and how he compares to all-time tight ends, but I would say him. Uh, (David) Bakhtiari, maybe.

Jones: Great at chugging beer. ... OK, actually I'm gonna say six or seven.

Cersosimo: OK, I'll let you change your answer.

Jones: So myself, um, Jaire (Alexander). He keeps playing at a high level, and he's very talented. Um, and one of our defensive guys ... I'm not sure.

Cersosimo: No worries -- that's a good amount. We'll look back on this to see if you were right.

Jones: (Laughs.) Now, I have a question for you.

Cersosimo: OK, shoot.

Jones: What do they call a water fountain in Wisconsin?

Cersosimo: A bubbler.

Jones: (Claps.) Oh, wait. You're from Minnesota.

Cersosimo: (Laughs.) Yeah, around there, so I knew that one.

Jones: Ah, that's not fair. But you did guess it.

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