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Bears' Massie says he lost 12 pounds in Miami heat

Bobby Massie sweat out the equivalent of a bowling ball in Week 6.

So claims the Bears right tackle after an 89-degree game against the Dolphins on Sunday. Humidity and radiation made Hard Rock Stadium's field feel more like 100 degrees, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Massie sure felt the effects in the overtime contest.

The best part of the South Beach diet must be the South Beach part.

Let's crunch the numbers: Massie is listed at 6-foot-6 and 317 pounds on the Bears' team website. A 12-pound loss puts him at a svelte 305--nearly four percent of his overall body weight.

That's like an average American man (5-foot-9, 190 pounds) losing 7.2 pounds over the same span, according to Sports Illustrated.

Massie's ordeal seals it. October is officially the perfect month for sweater weather.

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