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Bears RB Cohen: New deal 'left some money on the plate' for Allen Robinson's extension

The Chicago Bears got one contract done over the weekend, but not the one most expected.

The Bears handed Tarik Cohen a three-year contract extension, worth up to $18.25 million. The deal came as a semi-surprise, not because Cohen didn't deserve a raise, but rather because the contract news we expected out of Halas Hall had to do with Allen Robinson.

The hubbub surrounding the receiver got all the press while the Bears quietly worked on getting Cohen paid. The running back's deal shouldn't hinder Chicago from paying Robinson if they want to in the coming weeks.

In fact, Cohen suggested he took less to help get Robinson paid.

"Regardless of whether I got mine or not, it's definitely time for him to get his," Cohen said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. "I even left some money on the plate. I took less so he could get more, so to say. I would definitely love to see my boy get extended. It means a lot to the team."

Whether Cohen left a sizable chunk of cash on the table -- or a responsible agent would allow a running back to do so -- is irrelevant in this case. The notable factor remains Allen's teammates stumping for him to get a new contract.

Cohen and others in the locker room have been at the forefront of pressuring management to lock down Robinson, one of the most underrated offensive weapons in the league. It's no surprise that while talking about his own deal, Cohen continued to campaign for Robinson to get paid.

With the franchise tag at their disposal, Chicago will have Robinson in town beyond this year, but it would behoove the team to get a deal done and keep its top offensive player happy. It'd also please the rest of the locker room.

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