McManus, Prater to kick for free Bud Light for their city in 2020

A pair of kickers are vying to become fan favorites in 2020.

NFL sponsor Bud Light announced Thursday that whoever kicks the longest field goal this season between Denver's Brandon McManus and Detroit's Matt Prater would win free beer for his respective city (for those of-age, obviously).

So how did we get to this declaration from Bud Light?

It started with McManus announcing on NFL Network's Good Morning Football last week that Bud Light would buy everyone (21+) in Denver a beer to celebrate if he breaks the record for longest field goal in NFL history.

That record is currently held by Prater, who set it at 64 yards in 2013 when he played for Denver.

Last year, Broncos coach Vic Fangio declined a chance to give McManus a shot to break the record.

"I have a big leg, and I've always wanted to have my name etched in history," McManus said on GMFB at the time. "I know I can make that, my teammates know I can make that. In training camp, with live rushes, I've made it from 73 yards."

After McManus announced Bud Light's plan, Prater chimed in wondering where his offer was from Bud Light.

Former Colts punter Pat McAfee highlighted the situation on his titular show, helping set up Bud Light's announcement that it'd make the offer to both Denver or Detroit.

So now the stakes are raised even higher in Detroit and Denver with each long kick from their strong-legged kickers.

Our question: Why is it relegated to just those two cities?

Why not open this game up to every kicker in every NFL city?

In 2019, Brett Maher made a 63-yarder for the Dallas Cowboys, the longest in the NFL last year. Would Maher's city -- currently New York -- not deserve the same prize?

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