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Bruce Arians asked Tom Brady to scout WRs ahead of 2021 draft

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to exploit Tom Brady's unstated title as Assistant to the General Manager.

The Bucs have repeatedly followed through with their desire to keep Brady in the loop on personnel decisions, acquiesce to some of his roster desires, and allow him more intel on the happenings of the franchise than most any other player in the NFL.

The GOAT earned that right. And Tampa's brass is not shy about listening to Brady.

The latest example comes from Bruce Arians explaining on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday that the club kept TB12 apprised of their plans to draft a QB and asked Brady to scout potential receiver prospects.

"Look at these receivers and see if there is something you like," Arians said he told Brady via "And I will critique your ability to critique receivers."

Asked by Eisen how Brady did in his evaluation, Arians replied, "He did great. There are certain things he likes. He likes really good, big, fast receivers."

It's not breaking news, surprising, or even very interesting that (#shocking) Brady likes big, fast pass catchers. Who doesn't? You want short, slow ones?

Aside from the question about what evaluation TB12 had on Bucs fourth-round pick Jaelon Darden, for whom Tampa traded up to acquire, the notable nature of Arians' comments comes from the added work and insight the Bucs afford Brady. Who knows, maybe Brady is secretly preparing for his next career in a front office?

Good franchises should communicate with their very best players and listen to their thoughts and opinions, even if the club often ultimately eschews those sentiments. The Bucs' willingness to treat Brady like a supplemental member of the front office underscores the inclusive nature Arians and GM Jason Licht have bolstered in recent years.

Elsewhere, Aaron Rodgers, reading this, tosses his cellular device into a yawning ocean, where it plunges, heavy, into dark depths.

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