Buccaneers OT Tristan Wirfs finally able to land teammate, QB Tom Brady's phone number

Tristan Wirfs has had a stellar beginning to his NFL career.

He was a rookie starter on the Super Bowl champions and was an All-Pro pick and Pro Bowler in his second season. But Wirfs has officially arrived now.

Why? Because he's finally got his quarterback Tom Brady's phone number.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Wirfs was asked if he had the seven-time Super Bowl winner's phone number.

"I don't have Tom's number," Wirfs laughed. "No, I don't think I'm there yet."

Well, he's there now. Later in the day, Brady connected with Wirfs via text, starting off with a joke that he was trying to track down Wirfs regarding his car's extended warranty. Then, the jovial 44-year-old all-time great revealed he was, in fact, Wirf's "favorite QB."

Wirfs' play has been exceptional since he began his days with the Bucs and the 23-year-old has no doubt had a solid relationship with his quarterback because of that.

But on a sleepy offseason Tuesday, the two finally connected on another level.

Wirfs began the day without Brady's number, but a couple of texts and plenty of emojis later, that was remedied. And to think, some people don't think anything worthwhile comes out of April press conferences.

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