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Can Robert Griffin III win you a fantasy title?

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Marcas Grant: That's one hell of a dilemma. There's no doubt that I'd start Antonio Brown. He and Ben Roethlisberger have the biggest bromance going in the NFL right now. The real decision comes down to Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham. It's a really tough call, but in recent weeks the Rams defense has played better than the inconsistent Colts. Plus with DeMarco Murray's status uncertain for the weekend there's a better than ever chance that Dallas could expect more from Bryant this week.

M.G.: A few weeks ago you would have been laughed off the Interwebs for even suggesting something like this. It's all a reminder of how quickly things can change in this league. Russell Wilson hasn't been great for the past month, scoring fewer than 20 points in three of his last four contests. On the other side, Robert Griffin III is coming off one of his best games in a long time and faces an Eagles defense that has been victimized repeatedly by big plays -- especially in the passing game. That comes in handy when you figure that DeSean Jackson is very interested in another chance to stick it to his old team. As crazy as it sounds, I'd give RGIII a chance this week.

M.G.: I'm certain that a banged up DeMarco Murray and the threat of Vontae Davis roaming the secondary have you thinking twice about starting Tony Romo this week. But lest you think Jay Cutler is the answer to your problems, I invite you to watch the video to the right while reminding you that the Bears will play against the Lions this week. Do. Not. Want. Romo has been playing well lately and I'd feel much more confident rolling with him than pinning my championship hopes on Smokin' Jay.

M.G.: Yes.

Oh, you meant starting one over the other? Gotcha. I've had some concerns about Andrew Luck recently, namely the rate at which he turns the ball over. His interceptions and fumbles have been mostly ignored because he's found ways to rally his team for wins. But coming back against the Cowboys isn't like rallying to beat the Texans or Browns. Matt Ryan has certainly struggled with interceptions at times this season but in a battle for first place in the wretched NFC South, I expect Atlanta's quarterback to come out firing. It's also worth nothing that Ryan's best fantasy game of the season came in the Falcons' Week 1 win over New Orleans.

M.G.: I would immediately remove Josh Gordon from this equation. The effects of missing so much time is starting to show. Not to mention that until Johnny Manziel shows something other than on-field bewilderment, Gordon won't prosper. If Julio Jones can't go this week, I'd go with Harry Douglas who has proven his worth as a spot starter over the past two seasons. If Jones is on the field for Atlanta, then you go with Vincent Jackson.

M.G.: Oy vey. How did you make it this far? However you did it, congrats to you. If you didn't belive that time was a flat circle, please note that we're talking about Matt Asiata in Week 16. Of those two backs, Asiata is the better pick. The Dolphins run defense has been frequently gashed over the past month. Meanwhile, the Rams have tightened things up in their run defense. Plus, Williams has been quite inconsistent when given the chance to start. I wouldn't take that chance.

M.G.: This one is a pretty good head-scratcher. Both backs have been equally productive for much of the season and both have pretty good matchups this week. I would lean toward Jonathan Stewart, in part because the Browns haven't been as good as the Giants at stopping the run over the past month. Also because Stewart is likely to see more opportunities to carry the ball than Tre Mason. But I do believe that the difference in their production this week could be fairly small.

M.G.: On one hand, I'm worried about Kelvin Benjamin being locked up by Joe Haden this week. On the other hand ... Percy Harvin still plays for the Jets. I've given up on anything related to Gang Green when it comes to fantasy football and I'd suggest you do the same. The one encouraging thing about Benjamin is that he's seeing targets regardless of who the quarterback is. Doesn't matter if it's Cam Newton or Derek Anderson, the ball is going in Benjamin's direction.

M.G.: Both the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts have nice weapons at tight ends. Both the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts have had trouble stopping tight end. Since I'm forced to choose between the two, I'd pick Dwayne Allen. He has been a bigger part of his respective offense this season and still looks like one of Andrew Luck's favorite options in the red zone. Or maybe it's my irrational fantasy man crush talking. Whatever. Still ... go with Allen.

M.G.: It's the Packers without a doubt. Green Bay is battling for a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs and will need to win out in order to do it. Plus, I'd expect them to be quite angry after last week's loss to Buffalo. The other reason I like Green Bay this week -- they don't have to chase Odell Beckham, Jr. all over the field.

Bonus question:

M.G.: Don't encourage them, okay?

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who thinks winter is awesome ... from his couch in sunny Southern California. Amuse him with your tales of wintry shenanigans or tweet him fantasy football questions @MarcasG.

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