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Chargers LB Joey Bosa bashes officiating following win over Raiders: 'It's so bad it's unbelievable'

Joey Bosa can expect a light check at some point in the coming weeks for whatever fine might be incurred from his comments about officiating in the team's win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday night.

In particular, an apparent missed holding call drew Bosa's ire. The Los Angeles Chargers linebacker had his way with Raiders rookie right tackle Alex Leatherwood, who has struggled this season, throughout the game. In the final minutes, on a long pass by Derek Carr that was overthrown, Bosa beat Leatherwood on an inside move, and Leatherwood grabbed Bosa to give Carr the necessary time to throw.

Bosa was incensed enough in the moment to draw an unsportsmanlike conduct foul, and was still hot about it postgame.

"I didn't even know they called the f---ing penalty on me because I was fuming," Bosa said. "But, I mean, refs are blind, simple. I'm sorry, but you're blind, like open your eyes and do your job. It's so bad it's unbelievable."

Bosa recorded a sack, a forced fumble, and two QB hurries in the Chargers' 28-14 win. As one of the NFL's elite pass rushers, he's held a bunch. It's a source of frustration that challenges the best the most, but just the same, a frustration Bosa admitted he's got to control.

"Fifteen yards, it's a big deal. Obviously that's on me. I should never lose my temper like that, but these guys have got to do a better job because it's been years of terrible missed calls left and right," Bosa added. "It's really pathetic, honestly, but pathetic on me too for doing what I did. Call or not I have to take a step back and just go to the next play, but, man, they seem not to have their eyes open half the time."

While the missed call appeared obvious, comments on referees' eyes are out of bounds. And for that, the league's ears are open all the time.

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