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Colts coach Frank Reich on bringing in QB Nick Foles: 'I wanted Nick since I've been here'

With a Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award and a statue erected in his honor, Nick Foles' NFL highlights rival that of any player's.

However, at this point in his career, Foles finds himself in just about a perfect situation with the Indianapolis Colts playing under head coach Frank Reich and backing up another veteran quarterback in Matt Ryan.

"I was always wanting to play, but I wasn't just going to settle and go play somewhere this year," Foles said Wednesday, via FOX59's Mike Chappell. "I wanted to go somewhere where I really just enjoyed the grind. If I could, (join) someone I know; schematically I know I'm going to enjoy playing for.

"This was at the top of my list, but it doesn't always mean it's going to happen. It worked out and I'm grateful to be here.''

Indianapolis being atop Foles' wish list no doubt had much to do with Reich. And with Foles, Reich believes his Colts have landed the best of the best when it comes to backup QBs -- something Reich and Foles both know plenty about after playing careers in which they each shined off the bench.

"You guys know I've wanted Nick,'' Reich said. "I wanted Nick since I've been here to be on this team because I think he's that good of a player.

"You've got a guy in Nick Foles who has proven that he can do it at the biggest level and the biggest stage, in any kind of weather, in any kind of moment."

Foles, who was released by the Chicago Bears on May 1, led the Philadelphia Eagles to the club's first and only Super Bowl win in the 2017 season with Reich as his offensive coordinator.

Foles began that season as a backup before coming on in relief of an injured Carson Wentz. The 33-year-old Foles, who's now with his sixth NFL squad, emphasized that he has no illusions of competing for the QB1 spot, however.

"This is Matt's team," Foles said.

So Foles will go into offseason workouts and the 2022 season with the mindset of a backup, something far different in his experience than knowing you're the QB1 or competing for the spot.

"When you're the starter, you just take the entire reins of the team. You're the starter," said Foles, who signed a two-year deal with Indy. "You're talking more. You're taking the reins.

"Obviously when you're the backup, you're preparing to play, but your voice is going to be different. You're listening more. You're going to be observing more. It's more so how you handle yourself. You can be prepared to play, but at the same time you can want your buddy to succeed because then your team succeeds."

With Ryan, the Colts have an experienced winner at QB who might be headed to the Hall of Fame and could be the final piece to put them back into the playoffs.

With Foles, they have a proven veteran who can come off the bench and lead his team to victory. In all, Reich believes that's a rather perfect situation.

"In a perfect world, you get a proven backup," Reich said. "But if it doesn't happen, we're not going to chase it. We're not going to overpay. We're not going to do something crazy that could hurt the team long-term.''

Foles has won a Super Bowl MVP, started 56 games and thrown for 14,003 yards and 82 touchdowns. He's a proven backup and then some. And for the next two years, he's set to help Indy in any fashion that presents itself.

"I wanted two years just because I'm not looking to come here for one year,'' Foles said. "I want to be here. I know this is the latter part of my career. My goal is to be here, whatever role it is as long as I can play, as long as they want me.

"That's something my wife and I did a lot of talking about this offseason, just being somewhere it's a healthy culture, where the team's great. This has been a really talented team for many years, they've been building. Being in this locker room for a few days you can see it has great leadership. Frank allows his players to take over the leadership role.''

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