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Davante Adams on Raiders' offensive weapons: 'We'll see' what our potential is

The Las Vegas Raiders offer an intriguing concoction of pass catchers with Davante Adams, Jakobi Meyers, Tre Tucker, Michael Gallup, Jalen Guyton and tight ends Michael Mayer and Brock Bowers.

Couple the good weapons with a solid offensive line, and the Raiders have a mixture to be a fun, pass-happy offense if the quarterbacks can raise their game.

On Wednesday, Adams noted that, as last season displayed, having a good collection doesn't promise production.

"At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how good we can be," Adams said via Tashan Reed of The Athletic. "It's no secret we've got some dangerous weapons on the team as a whole, not to mention the offense. … I guess we'll see what that potential is."

The Raiders imported offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, who spent years with Adams in Green Bay, including 2016-2017 as wide receivers coach. Adams is so familiar with the offense that he said he knew the call immediately during offseason workouts.

"Thankfully, I've been in the system for a long time," Adams said, "so 90 percent of these calls are coming through, and I know what to do right away without even getting in my (play)book. It's a learning process for everybody getting comfortable with it."

Despite Adams' knowledge of the offense and the collection of talent, reports from Raiders camp have suggested that the offense is noticeably struggling in team drills against the defense. At this stage, Adams isn't fretting about the issues, but it's something they'll have to iron out with Getsy and whichever quarterback, Aidan O'Connell or Gardner Minshew, ultimately wins the starting gig.

"The frustration comes in midseason when we haven't made the progress that we need," Adams said. "At this point, you're not a very mature or experienced football player if you're getting frustrated in mandatory minicamp. Obviously, I get frustrated every play if it doesn't work to a certain degree, but it's not frustration where you're losing hope in your teammates or yourself or the potential of what you can do as a team. It's more like, 'I've got a standard.'… You've got to have realistic expectations at this point, but always keep your standard."

Adams' standards are high. He needs the rest of the group to meet him at that mountaintop for the Raiders to compete in the AFC West in 2024.

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