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Does Aaron Rodgers plan to play until he's 45 like Tom Brady? 'No, I don't'

There was uncertainty as it related to Aaron Rodgers' future ahead of the 2021 season -- and there was uncertainty ahead of the 2022 campaign.

However, Rodgers has put to bed any uncertainty in regard to him playing in the 2028 season.

With Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady turning 45 this week, Rodgers was asked if he saw himself playing until he was 45.

"No, I don't," Rodgers smiled as he shook his head from side to side when speaking to reporters Thursday, "but happy birthday, Tom."

Brady is the eldest active player in the NFL, though he's still got some years ahead to catch George Blanda for the oldest of all time to ply his trade on the gridiron. Blanda, the late Hall of Famer who played quarterback and kicker, competed until he was 48.

It's unlikely Brady will get to Blanda, but clearly certain Rodgers won't get to Brady.

Rodgers will turn 39 in the midst of the upcoming season, so he'd hit 45 in the 2028 season.

Just when Rodgers will play until exactly remains to be seen.

Having signed a three-year, $150 million extension in the offseason, Rodgers is on the Packers' books for the foreseeable future, but has been upfront that there is no exit plan.

He's made it known that he will "definitely" end his career playing for Green Bay, but during minicamp in June detailed that he did not want to commit to any timeline.

"If you say I'm for sure playing two more, three years and then you have a magical season that ends with a championship and think that that might be the best way to ride off, I don't want to commit to something," Rodgers said in June. "You say, I'm only playing one more year and you have a bitter taste in your mouth and still got the drive and the passion to play one or two more years, I just don't want to get pigeonholed into it."

So, for now it remains that it's all about Rodgers focusing on his age-39 season. Beyond that, who knows? He's just not going to be there in 2028, so plan ahead Packers backers.

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