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Eagles reveal Kelly green throwback uniforms

They're finally here -- and they're beautiful.

The Philadelphia Eagles revealed their highly anticipated Kelly green throwback uniforms on Saturday via social media:

There aren't any surprises with this set. The uniforms replicate the sets worn in the days of Randall Cunningham, from 1985-1995, before the team switched to its current scheme of midnight green, silver, black and white. Specifically, the 2023 Eagles will wear the kit most often worn at home during that era.

The shade of green -- Kelly -- has been atop Eagles' fans wishlists for some time now. A year ago, Philadelphia announced a throwback uniform would offically revive the beloved shade of green, and on Saturday, the team revealed what most everyone expected with a photoshoot featuring quarterback Jalen Hurts, receiver DeVonta Smith and defensive end Brandon Graham.

As for the details, they're simple: a green-white-green (with thin black stripes in between) striping pattern runs down both sides of the gray pants. The same striping patter appears on white socks. And white and black throwback Eagles logos adorn each sleeve on the Kelly green jerseys, with white numbers trimmed in black.

Last but certainly not least is the return of a Kelly green helmet featuring separate silver wings on the front, trimmed in white. A gray facemask accompanies the green shell, accurately reproducing a uniform Eagles fans know quite well.

These will certainly be a hit and likely fly off shelves in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

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