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Eli, Giants face undefeated Patriots in classic SB XLII

New York has been an underdog before. It's had its tough times before. And it's written some memorable comeback stories.

On Friday night at 7 p.m. ET on FS1, one of the greatest comeback stories, one of the greatest upsets and one of the greatest Super Bowls of all-time will once again take center stage with the Giants at the forefront.

Super Bowl XLII is one of the most revered Super Bowls of them all. Eli Manning, David Tyree and Big Blue came up short of upsetting the Patriots earlier in the season in a riveting contest. But the Giants found the Patriots once again, and still undefeated.

Tom Brady and the Pats were an unblemished juggernaut heading into Super Bowl XLII -- which went down to the wire and furthered the great Boston-New York sports rivalry.

Manning has just recently retired, but this night is one of the largest reasons his supporters believe he's headed for the Hall of Fame.

Brady is on the move as well, on his way to Tampa Bay. But on this winter night, he was at his prime and leading one of the best Patriots teams of all.

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