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Falcons Pro Bowl guard Chris Lindstrom excels at being 'really boring'

There are few NFL players who are as outstanding at being boring as Chris Lindstrom.

It's the prevailing reason behind Lindstrom hauling in a historic five-year, $105 million extension with the Atlanta Falcons in March.

"[Former Falcons center and teammate] Alex Mack told me it's really, really boring being good at offensive line play," Lindstrom said, via the team website’s Ashton Edmunds. "It's like the same things over and over again. It's kind of repetitive, but that's how you become better. Working at small things."

Lindstrom was brilliant in his boredom in 2022, which stands as his best season yet.

In 17 starts, Lindstrom allowed just two sacks and nine QB pressures to earn his first career Pro Bowl selection. At season's end, Pro Football Focus bestowed him with a 95.0 overall grade, which included a 93.1 tally in run blocking and an 81.7 score in pass blocking.

Play in and play out, Lindstrom did the aforementioned same things exceptionally well, and "boring" as that might appear to some, it was remarkably impressive just the same.

The former first-rounder has emerged as one of the game's elite guards and his new deal is evidence of that, as it's the most all time in total value and average annual salary for a guard.

"Just super, super thankful," Lindstrom said of the contract. "Thankful for the guys who came before me. There are so many guys who set the standard to build upon. And so, I really hope that guys surpass it, and guys continue to grow. It's good for the position, which is good for everybody.

"It [still] doesn't feel real most of the time, honestly. But I'm super thankful, and I know the long-term impact that it has. I'm thankful to the staff and [Falcons owner] Mr. [Arthur] Blank."

While individual accolades and paydays have been had by Lindstrom, he's yet to experience a winning season in Atlanta. The Falcons are coming up on a pivotal 2023 campaign in which they'll look to break a five-season streak of losing campaigns. Lindstrom will be looked upon to play a pivotal role in turning things around.

Training camp and the season are still months away, though.

So, for now, Lindstrom has treated himself a bit, which included the purchase of a John Deere tractor, according to Edmunds.

"That's my fun thing to do, to mow the lawn and plow," Lindstrom said. "Very simple. I put headphones in, and there's not a better place in the world."

Mowing down defenders and plowing over opponents has become an area in which Lindstrom excels. And though it might be the product of boring detail, Lindstrom's excellence has become a cornerstone for the Falcons' offensive success.

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