Five Bold Predictions for Week 7

Julio Jones is going to score three touchdowns this week! I love seeing some of you get so worked up. Julio is the WR6 this season ... despite him not scoring a touchdown. At least it gives you something constructive to talk about on Twitter. I'm just kidding. There's never anything constructive said on Twitter. But, Julio is one of the best receivers in the game an I'd actually prefer to have a guy who is consistent week-to-week with stat lines that are sustainable instead of the rocket rides a lot of these dudes will give you.

I will give the Julio projection a rest this week. Here are some more bold predictions you guys can mock:

Mitch Trubisky will have more fantasy points than Tom Brady

I know, this seems weird. Don't let that stop you. It didn't stop Frederick Williams Rueckheim when he decided to mix cheese and caramel popcorn to form the Chicago mix. AKA, the best popcorn in the world. And maybe Trubisky gets there one day. One of the main reasons for the success is the Bears simplified the offense and Mitch started taking more chances downfield. He's averaged more than 10 air yards in the last two games, according to Next Gen Stats. This week, though -- it might be a little different. Now realize Matt Nagy comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree which just torched the Patriots for 40 points. Tyreek Hill was huge, catching three touchdowns from the slot. Next Gen Stats show most of the Chiefs' success came from passes within 10 yards and behind the line of scrimmage. Expect a lot of quick passes to Taylor Gabriel who has the speed to burn the Pats defenders. I might be crazy enough to predict a Bears win. (For the record, Rueckheim was the inventor of Cracker Jack popcorn.)

Raheem Mostert is going to get the most touches in this 49ers offense

Oh man, my guy Matthew Berry got heated when the 49ers ran Mostert out there on Monday Night Football, echoing the sentiment of fantasy enthusiasts everywhere. But, people still haven't rushed out to add Mostert on the waiver wire and it feels like a mistake to me. Mostert seems like the back who closest resembles the production of Jerrick McKinnon. Mostert has something that Alfred Morris doesn't have, and that's the speed to get to the outside, a critical part of Shanahan's offense. The 'Niners attack predicates on outside-zone runs. The 49ers offensive line is kind of underrated, too, but it's important to note San Francisco is averaging 5.0 yards per carry on all outside runs according to Next Gen Stats. They also rank near the top in runs over the tackles. Feel comfortable dropping Freddy Morris and moving on Mostert, especially with the injury concerns that have dogged Matt Brieda this year.

Adam Thielen will break Willie "Flipper" Anderson's single-game receiving record

I've already written a bunch of words about Thielen's amazing season, which you can read right here. Trust me, it's a good read. Open that up in a new tab, finish this, and then prepare for another optical and engaging read. Or better yet, don't read it and go to Twitter and drag me for being an idiot. I love the matchup this week for Thielen. Now, if you'll allow me to plagiarize from my own piece:

"Thielen is two games off the all-time single-season record for most consecutive games with 100-plus receiving yards, set by -- SPOILER ALERT -- Calvin Johnson in 2012. Thielen will get to seven this week, because he has the Jets, who haven't been able to stop anybody in the slot this year. In fact, Pro Football Focus has listed Thielen's matchup against rookie Parry Nickerson as the most lopsided WR-CB duel of the weekend. Nickerson, the Curt Hawkins of the NFL. So, not only had you better hope you're not going against Thielen in your fantasy league, but Flipper Anderson should start to sweat, too. Anderson set the NFL single-game mark with 336 receiving yards against the Saints in 1989."

I have a way with words.

Jarvis Landry will be the WR2

Speaking of slot receivers who rake, Landry is going to have a game this week against the Buccaneers. It seems like every week, you can just go ahead and write about the slot receiver who has the matchup against M.J. Stewart. Poor dude. He's just being exposed because we don't have Chris Conte out there to make fun of. Remember a couple of years ago when the Bucs selected a kicker in the second round? Maybe next year when it comes time to make a second-round draft pick they should just trade out of the round.

Marquise Goodwin will be a Top 20 receiver

Marcus Peters has been valiant, out there playing with a calf injury that should have probably kept him on the shelf. But, opposing offenses have been teeing off on him this year. Now, we've seen guys like Kirk Cousins drop some absolute dimes on him. Everybody has gotten into the act. In fact, per Next Gen Stats, Peters' Passer Rating allowed when he's the nearest defender ranks 93rd-of-113. Not good! And if I'm dispensing the real talk, C.J. Bethard can ball. Well, Kyle Shanahan can coach is also something we should talk about. But this 49ers offense isn't bad. I am in no way saying that Jimmy G is on the cusp of being Bledsoe'd or anything. And again, if I'm being real, this should replace the "Wally Pipp" in our football vernacular. Don't be afraid to get Goodwin into your lineup.

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