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Frank Clark could be another Broncos pass rusher traded after Randy Gregory's departure

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The Broncos moved on from a high-priced pass rusher this week, saying goodbye to Randy Gregory and sending him to the 49ers. He may not be the only Denver pass rusher headed out.

Sources say Frank Clark has drawn interest around the league. If the Broncos continue to struggle, he could be dealt, as well. Clark has played just one game this season, but with the hip injury he suffered in the season opener now healed, he's expected to play today against the Jets.

Several pass-rush needy teams will be watching, and the interest should ramp up if Clark plays well.

Clark signed with the thought of being a late-game closer for a playoff-ready team. If Denver doesn't end up being one -- and the start has been slow, of course -- then he could land in that role elsewhere for a postseason contender. Clark won two Super Bowl rings with the Chiefs while serving in that capacity.

The 30-year-old's current one-year deal signed before this season is worth $5.45 million, but $4.2 million of it was in a signing bonus. That means a team trading for him would only inherit what's left of a $1.21 million base salary.

Denver moved Gregory this week after initially planning to release him. The 49ers stepped up with a late-round pick swap and had a deal. Clark could generate more than that.

If the Broncos lose to the Jets today and appear to be headed in the wrong direction, calls could increase for players at other positions, as well. Their top receivers, Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, both generated considerable interest this past offseason in the trade market, though the team elected to keep both.

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