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Good/Bad Week: Colts greats rewarded, Tyrod's ill luck

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost.

It was a good week for ...

Reggie Wayne: The retired Colts great and current NFL Network analyst will be inducted into the Colts' Ring of Honor this season. A well-earned achievement for a man who finished with 1,070 catches, 14,345 yards and 82 touchdowns in 14 seasons with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Curtis Painter, too. While we're here: It's pretty odd to me that this "Ring of Honor" thing caught on with NFL teams in the last decade or so. THE RING OF HONOR. Feels a touch melodramatic, no? Who decided it wasn't impactful enough to induct a franchise hero into the regular ol' team Hall of Fame? C'mon, "Hall of Fame" is tried-and-true! That's right, I'm using my space here to pound the table in the Hall of Fame vs. Ring of Honor debate. Let's move on.

Drew Brees:Drew Brees and the Saintsplan to talk business at the NFL Scouting Combine. Has anyone had more contract leverage than Drew Brees at this very moment? Jimmy Garoppolo -- the boy of seven career starts -- is currently the highest-paid player in NFL history. The Jets reportedly are prepared to offer Kirk Cousins a contract that would land the passer $60 million in the first year. And now here's Drew Brees, a Hall of Fame (or Ring of Honor) quarterback who remains at the apex of his powers despite advanced age. If I were Brees, I would demand nothing less than $1 billion and a controlling stake in Apple. Considering the landscape, this feels like a fair starting point in negotiations.

Adam Vinatieri: The kicker just signed a one-year deal with the Colts that ensures a 23rd season in the NFL. That is freaking astounding. Yeah, yeah, he's a kicker. Be a hater like that. Be a bad person. Real talk: Lasting 23 years in any line of work is an achievement. If you can do it in the NFL, you deserve your own chapter in the "Book of Miracles." I made up that book, but you have to admit it sounds like a pretty interesting read. If anyone wants to take the idea and run with, just make sure to give me a taste.

It was a bad week for ...

Guys who got solid airtime on "Hard Knocks" last summer: Last summer, the Bucs and their roster of overgrown kids charmed the pants off premium cable subscribers. One dreadfully disappointing 5-11 season later, jeans and khakis have been recovered from the floor and many familiar faces are being sent away. Doug Martingot sent packing this week. Nick Folk, too. So did Chris Baker, the affable defensive tackle who nearly stole "Hard Knocks" MVP honors from Jameis Winston. Meanwhile, this week, the Texans said goodbye to Brian Cushing, the linebacker who did a credible Billy Zabka impression during the 2015 "Hard Knocks" season. I'm not saying there's a "Final Destination"-like "Hard Knocks" curse going around, but let's all just keep an eye on this situation.

Tyrod Taylor: The Bills have made it exceedingly clear that they don't love Tyrod Taylor. So why won't they set him free? NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that the Billsare not planning to cut Taylor, this despite the team's numerous indications that they don't view the 28-year-old passer as their future under center. The likely reasoning here is that Buffalo is hoping to move Taylor in a trade that brings back some draft capital. Which, yeah, is -- open air quotes -- sound business reasoning -- close air quotes. But that doesn't mean this is right. Tyrod Taylor deserves the opportunity to find love on his own terms. If Buffalo follows years of shoddy treatment by forcing Taylor into an arranged marriage, that's gonna earn some bad karma.

The innocence of "Philly Special:"ESPN reported that the Eagles filed to trademark "Philly Special" on Thursday with the plan to slap the words on all sorts of apparel if the courts side in their favor. The Eagles are actually the eighth group to file for the rights. If the Iggles were really on top of things, they would've done it before the game.

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