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HC Matt LaFleur says Jordan Love has made 'huge strides,' credits Packers QB coach Tom Clements 

With Aaron Rodgers taking off to the Jets, Jordan Love has landed the job as QB1 in Green Bay.

There are still question marks over the young quarterback's ability to fill the shoes of the four-time MVP, but as long as the Packers have quarterbacks coach Tom Clements, head coach Matt LaFleur knows that Love will continue to improve.

"Just watching him last year. I think Jordan's made some huge strides," LeFleur told reporters Saturday. "I really do and I think a lot of it is a credit to Tom, and just, he knows how to train these guys. He knows how to drill them and he's very, very consistent. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. He just is matter of fact and I think there's no doubt."

LaFleur may be the one complimenting Clements now, but the first one to recognize the quarterbacks coach's talents was none other than Rodgers.

"Aaron would praise him and give him so much credit in his own development," LaFleur said. "I think anytime you got a player like that, especially of that talent and how much you respect a guy like Aaron, you always listen to that."

Clements originally joined the Packers in 2006, working his way up from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator to assistant head coach over the course of a decade. Though he departed Green Bay in 2017, Clements was rehired as the Packers' quarterbacks coach in February of 2022. After spending this last season with Rodgers and Love, Clements seems to have had a major impact on Love's growth.

"I asked Jordan after the season how he felt about him and he said he loved Tom, and thought he did a helluva job helping him, you know, develop over the course of the year," LaFleur said. "For me, it was a no-brainer. It was just whether or not Tom wanted to come back, so I'm happy he wanted to be here, and you know, we're lucky to have him.

"He does a great job, too, not only with the quarterbacks but just helping out with our offense and bringing suggestions and great ideas. You know, it's been a fun process getting to know him and just the standards that he holds, that room, too, and he does a hell of a job."

Having only appeared in a total of 10 games and attempted 83 passes in his first two years in the league, Love has thrown for 606 yards with three touchdowns and a 60.2 completion percentage. With not as much time out on the field, Love also spent those years learning as backup for arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Just like Rodgers, who was backup to Brett Favre for three years before making his debut as QB1, Love has spent the last few years honing his craft and biding his time, waiting for his chance to start under center.

Now, as Love prepares to seize the reins, the fate of the Packers' 2023 season will be in his hands -- and Clements'.

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