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Instant Debate: Does Tim Tebow deserve another NFL chance?

It seems every month, Tim Tebow tells someone he yearns to play in the NFL again. On Monday, he was quoted as saying he is "by far" a better quarterback than he was a year ago, two weeks after his college coach said he doesn't get why Tebow is out of the league.

With every passing day, it appears more unlikely that Tebow will play another down in the NFL. But does he deserve a second chance?

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  • Charles Davis
  • One last chance might end this debate for good

I've not been a strong advocate of Tim Tebow as a starting QB in the NFL due to today's game leaning so heavily on the passing game (and, yes, accuracy counts in a big way).

BUT, if an organization would ever go "all in" on an offensive style that would emphasize the running game, and truly utilize the QB as a big part of it ... coupled with a passion for the game, and off-the-charts leadership? Then, Tim Terrific is the guy.

It's a hard sell (see Denver, and it went to and won a playoff game with him and that style), and his accuracy (less than 50 percent) as a thrower doesn't help his case. He also does not wow you in practice ... he's scared more than a few offensive coaches with his practice and camp tosses. But, on game day? When you have to have a throw? Then, he's magic.

Let's give him another shot, and it would be nice for it to be a full one so we can end this debate once and for all.

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  • Gil Brandt
  • Worth a shot ... under one condition

The difference between college football and the NFL is pretty great; it separates the really good from the elite. Tebow, for all his greatness in college, could never transfer those skills to the NFL. One thing I noticed when I watched him play with the Broncos and Jets was how he always looked confused. It wasn't because he lacked intelligence; he's actually pretty smart. But he looked confused as to when and where to throw the ball.

Secondly, he didn't have great accuracy in the NFL, a bit surprising since he never completed less than 64 percent of his passes in his four seasons at Florida. But again, the NFL is a completely different game. If you have trouble reading defenses, which he did, you're going to have accuracy issues. It's going to be very difficult for an NFL team to add him to its roster.

If he would be open to it, I'd bring him in as a tight end or H-back. He could make a nice career if he committed to those positions. He just doesn't have the skills necessary to play quarterback in the NFL.

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  • Daniel Jeremiah
  • No harm in giving Tebow a look

Technically, this would be Tebow's fourth chance, but I do think he's a player worth bringing in for a workout. He says that he's improved drastically as a passer, and while I have my doubts, there's no harm in bringing him in to find out for yourself. I don't believe the circus atmosphere that surrounded him in the past would be an issue in 2014. Besides, there's no way the entire national media could be in Cleveland (for Johnny Manziel) and the city where Tebow would be playing at the same time. Unless ... Nah, the Browns wouldn't do that.

Considering he has as many playoff wins as Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Andrew Luck, one could say he deserves a second chance in the NFL. But no, he does not. Tebow had his shot and clearly is not the refined passer that NFL offenses need under center. He should be pretty good on TV and would be much better off spending his time refining his broadcasting technique than his throwing mechanics.

Tebow is no more deserving of another chance at the NFL than anyone else who has been cut under similar career circumstances. At this point, the most optimistic outlook for his NFL hopes would have to be a 2015 training camp invitation. With Tebow set to embark on his career as an analyst for the SEC Network and NFL clubs approaching preseason cut dates, his course is set for 2014 and the NFL's is set without him. But it's not foolish for him to continue working out and trying to improve. NFL training camps always begin with their share of unlikely second chances. They just don't often end with them.

I think his NFL career is over. He might -- might -- be a usable backup somewhere, but he's not a starter; he's simply not good enough as a passer. And would any coach want to deal with the media circus that would ensue if Tebow is signed as a backup? He should focus on looking ahead to what could be a prosperous career as a broadcaster. He's still young enough to become quite proficient in that field -- and it's rare to see a truly proficient player-turned-analyst.

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