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Jags, Rams, Steelers among candidates to become America's Team in 2016

The Golden State Warriors have provided quite a show for basketball fans far and wide this season, a treat for everyone with any sort of interest in the sport. Steph Curry and Co. set the all-time record for regular-season wins (73) -- and surpassed Michael Jordan's 1995-96 Bulls in the finale vs. Memphis at Oracle Arena on Wednesday night.

Which NFL team could garner the same kind of intrigue in the coming season, inspiring nationwide wonder with an attractive playing style and highly skilled individuals? Which franchise could become America's team in 2016?

With the offseason moves, the Jaguars will surprise some people by coming on strong in 2016. They have a young, high-profile offense with third-year quarterback Blake Bortles, two solid running backs ( Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon) and a dynamic receiving duo ( Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns). With these players, the Jags can score on anybody. The addition of key players on defense will turn heads Jacksonville's way and boost this team to the next level. America's team in 2016 is going to be the Los Angeles Rams, without question. It's not just a regular season -- it's an historic season, and a relocation like this may never happen again. The Rams are going to be so visible through "Hard Knocks" while going through their move, and they have a star player in Todd Gurley.

There's going to be a certain energy surrounding this team -- it's going to be fun to follow for every football fan, not just the Rams' faithful. The New England Patriots will create the intrigue and following that is similar to what the Golden State Warriors have this season. Tom Brady always commands a lot of attention as the best quarterback in the game. Plus, with the TE duo of Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett, as well as a ton of new players at the skill positions, the Patriots' up-tempo style and dominant offense will put on a show -- much like this year's Warriors in the NBA. The Pittsburgh Steelers could be a hot, dominant team that everybody wants to watch this coming season. Even with the injuries last season, the Steelers showed glimpses of greatness. With a healthy offense and Big Ben at the helm, Pittsburgh has the star power at the skill positions. Le'Veon Bell's versatility presents the ultimate mismatch for defenses, while DeAngelo Williams is running like a young pup even though he's entering his 11th season. Then you have Antonio Brown -- need I say more?

It's going to be fun watching this team in 2016. The Arizona Cardinals are the most enjoyable team to watch in NFL these days. They have a high-flying passing attack, fan-friendly stars like Larry Fitzgerald and a head coach in Bruce Arians who has more swag than anybody else in his position. They don't get enough media attention because of their location, but another strong season will make them more attractive to the masses. Remember, nobody was talking about Golden State until a couple years ago.

In a league where some of the best teams can rub people the wrong way (see: New England and Seattle), the Cardinals have the potential for wide-ranging appeal. I can see the Seattle Seahawks being America's team this season. The Seahawks have a style of play and aggression about them that stands out in this league. It's why they've been so successful in the last several seasons. I think their approach is embodied by their quarterback, because when Seattle gets in trouble, they rely on Russell. With a "backyard football" style, he usually gets the 'Hawks back into the game, and it's fun to watch. It's the same with the Warriors when they fall behind: Steph just goes off. Love them or hate them, the Patriots are always in the spotlight. Picking up Martellus Bennett to go with Rob Gronkowski will make them even better on offense. Getting Nate Solder back at left tackle will allow Sebastian Vollmer to return to the right side. This will help stabilize a line that had serious issues protecting Tom Brady down the stretch last season. Furthermore, I think Chris Long will thrive in the Pats' system -- he will be excited to play on a winner and will enjoy a productive year.

New England will win the division (again) and has to be confident against the rest of the AFC. Denver will be weaker in 2016, and the Pats seem to have the Steelers' number of late.

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