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Jaguars running backs coach expects RB Travis Etienne to improve in Year 3, wants consistency

Last year, Jaguars running back Travis Etienne was out to make a name for himself, and he did just that.

Now, after an impressive season, will he be able to keep this momentum going into 2023? Running backs coach Bernie Parmalee wants Etienne to develop consistency to continue his development.

"As runners, you have to be in tune with those lines," Parmalee said, via the team’s website. "You have to help set things up. You have to hit your landmarks. You have to press it. You have to understand how to leverage the linebackers. You have to understand the combination blocks of the linemen, who's working with whom to block whom, and you have to anticipate where the play may hit. You can hit the home run if you get it, but you want to be consistent."

This will be Etienne's third year in the league, but after missing his rookie season, 2023 will only be his second year actually getting time on the field during the regular season.

Two years ago, Etienne was one of the most anticipated picks going into the 2021 NFL Draft. The Clemson product had his dreams come true when he was drafted No. 25 overall. However, those dreams almost slipped away after Etienne suffered a Lisfranc injury that required surgery, and he ended up missing the entire 2021 season.

After taking his rookie season to rest and recover, a healthy Etienne roared back into the running back picture in 2022, rushing for 1,125 yards, scoring five touchdowns and averaging 66.2 yards per game. Parmalee realized he was much more than just a running back; he saw in Etienne the makings of an elite athlete who can make plays happen.

"Anybody can get the ball and go," Parmalee said. "Travis is talented enough he can make a lot of things look easy. But you leave so much out there when you don't stick to the plan. It's more about patience, too."

After Etienne's explosive 2022 campaign, Parmalee expects the 24-year-old to reach new heights this year and continue taking advantage of every opportunity handed to him.

"There's a lot more -- a lot more," Parmalee said. "We talked about it every day. He knows it, too. It's one thing when you talk about it as a coach and the player doesn't realize it. But when the player realizes what you're talking about is true and he's going to do everything he has to do to make sure he gets better, it's going to bode well."

With the backing of the Jags coaching staff and the starting job, Etienne has all the support he needs to succeed.

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