Losing OT coin toss in Kansas City still stings Bills QB Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills' playoff overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs still stings Josh Allen.

After a wild fourth quarter, the quarterback watched OT from the sideline as Patrick Mahomes led the game-winning drive. Asked recently on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast if it hurt more to lose the game or the coin toss, Allen responded: "The coin toss."

Allen noted that the CBS production crew reminded him leading up to the game that he'd previously won every road coin toss he'd called. That jinx still stings.

"Up to that point, I think I was 9-0 throughout the season. In our production meeting, it was jinxed, and I was 0 for 2 in that game," Allen said, via Pro Football Talk. "They brought up that stat, you're 9-0. ... I go 0-2 on coin tosses that game. I switched it up, I went heads first and then I went tails at the end, and it was obviously flip-flopped."

Allen threw for 329 yards and four touchdowns with no interceptions, and added 68 yards rushing, including picking up some crucial first downs late. But he was helpless in OT as Mahomes picked apart a tired Bills D.

Allen not touching the ball to end a dramatic game led to an offseason rule change that ensures both teams will receive a possession in postseason OT.

"People still come up to me and talk about it. That's the game people talk about," the 26-year-old Allen said. "To be a part of it is great, but to be on the losing end of it is not so great. It doesn't make me feel any better when someone comes up and says, 'That was the greatest game I've ever seen.' It's like, we lost."

With a loaded roster entering the 2022 season, Allen and the Bills are out to avenge that bitter loss.

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