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Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers: Packers 'want him back in the worst way'

Throughout the Aaron Rodgers drama, the Packers' message remains steadfast: The club wants the reigning NFL MVP in Green Bay in 2021.

Coach Matt LaFleur reiterated that stance Friday ahead of rookie minicamp, saying the Packers obviously want the QB back.

"I've got nothing new to update," LaFleur noted when asked about Rodgers. "We still obviously feel the same way. We want him back in the worst way. I know he knows that. We'll continue to work at it each and every day."

Rumors regarding Rodgers have swirled since draft day when it was reported that the QB was unhappy with his contract situation and might want out of Green Bay.

Since the bombshells landed, the Packers have been consistent in their messaging that Rodgers isn't going anywhere, that he's loved within the organization, and there are no plans to trade the QB.

Several former teammates close with Rodgers, like NFL Network's James Jones, have framed the situation as "fixable."

Until we hear directly from Rodgers, however, the rumors aren't going to go away.

With the looming uncertainty hovering over Wisconsin, LaFleur was asked how he prepares Jordan Love if he is thrust into the starting role.

"I'm not going to make any assumptions about anything at this point," LaFleur said. "We're just going to take it day to day, but I think every player on our roster has got to have the mentality that they're gonna be the guy. If not, when you do get your opportunity, you will not be prepared for it. So that is ultimately what we stress to every player on this football team. Football, unfortunately there's some uncontrolled circumstances that can happen, and you might be one play away from getting your opportunity, and in this league, you might only get one opportunity, so you better be prepared for that."

With a need in the QB room regardless of Rodgers' situation, the Packers signed Blake Bortles this week. The former Jacksonville Jaguars first-rounder could fill the role as a veteran backup alongside Love and Rodgers. Bortles is familiar with Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett from their time together in Jacksonville.

"I think that had a big part in us signing him," LaFleur said of the relationship. "Anytime you come into an offseason, we only have two quarterbacks on our roster, you're always gonna have three, if not four guys typically in your offseason program, training camp. Blake's familiarly with Hackett, with being in the Rams offense, with a lot of carryover terminology, just his overall experience in this league. I mean, this is a guy that's started a lot of games and has had a lot of success. Shoot, he led his team to the AFC Championship Game and they were close to knocking off the Patriots in New England. He's got a lot of experience, and that's something that you can never take for granted."

The Packers also have QBs Kurt Benkert and Chad Kelly at rookie minicamp for tryouts this week.

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