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Most talked about NFL siblings by end of 2018? Kendricks brothers steal show

Shaquem Griffin was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft over the weekend, joining his brother, Shaquill, who was also drafted by the Seahawks a year ago.

Including the Griffins, there are currently 29 groups of siblings in the NFL. At the end of last season, a lot of attention centered around the Eagles' Mychal Kendricks and the Vikings' Eric Kendricks, as the pair of linebackers faced off in the NFC Championship Game. Several other prominent siblings who are all still in the league include the Watts (J.J., T.J. and Derek), Kelces (Jason and Travis), McCourtys (Devin and Jason) and Longs (Chris and Kyle), among others.

That said, which NFL siblings will we be talking about at the end of the 2018 season?

We will still be talking about the Kendricks brothers at the end of the 2018 season. The younger brother, Eric, is emerging as one of the top, young linebackers in the league and enters this season with a big contract extension. I expect him to finally earn recognition as a Pro Bowler. His brother, Mychal, has been a centerpiece of the Eagles' defense for a long time. I expect that unit to continue to be a top-five defense in the league, with Mychal playing a huge role as a run-stopper and pass defender. When you think of having a pair of dynamic, second-level defenders in the same family, it is unique and one of those things we'll be talking about for a long time. I really want to go with my buddies Matt and Ryan Kalil, but I just don't see that happening, because offensive linemen don't get a ton of love. So I'm taking the Kelces. Kansas City's Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the league, while Philadelphia center Jason Kelce made his name known at the Super Bowl parade when he made quite the speech in an even better outfit. I expect both the Chiefs and Eagles to be in the playoff mix again in 2018. Having your brother in the NFL like the Watts or the Longs is cool, but having twin brothers on the same defense is where it's at in 2018. Shaquill Griffin should start at cornerback in Seattle, while Shaquem Griffin will make preseason games and special teams snaps must-see events. They are the best story in the NFL, and anyone who disagrees has a heart made of stone. Yet they might not even be the most impactful twin teammates, with Devin and Jason McCourty finally fulfilling their destiny together in the Patriots secondary. New England will be on national television every week, raising the stakes when the McCourtys pull off some jersey/life swap madness straight out of a 1980s comedy. While they've had a relatively quiet offseason, the Watt brothers could be the NFL's foremost family by the season's end. J.J. Watt is returning from a devastating injury and is a cornerstone of a team that could be set to take the AFC by storm with a healthy Deshaun Watson under center. T.J. Watt was in discussion for Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2017, and he will be expected to help lead the Steelers' young defense as the team seeks a seventh Lombardi. Meanwhile, Derek Watt, who plays one of the least flashy positions in all of football (fullback), is on arguably the AFC's most complete team in the Chargers. There's a very good chance all three of these brothers will be in the postseason, and two could even be squaring off in the playoffs if the schedule breaks the right way. We'll be talking about the same brothers at the end of this season that we talked about near the end of last season -- the Kendrickses. As two major pieces of two the league's top defenses and two teams that are expected to again compete for an NFC title, Mychal and Eric Kendricks should get plenty of attention from fans and media alike once we get through this year. I'm feeling the Pouncey brothers. Maurkice will always be in the news because reporters will always have to ask him if his quarterback is retiring. Plus, the Steelers are always gifted four wins every year by virtue of their division, so they are nearly an annual lock for the playoffs. But Mike should take center stage (pun INTENDED) this year as he's been brought in to anchor the Chargers' offensive line, filling a void that has been vast since the retirement of Nick Hardwick. The Chargers are the overwhelming favorites to win the AFC West, and this acquisition is a big reason why. So these two guys are going to be the -- wait for it -- centers of attention when it comes to NFL siblings. I know, I went for one too many center puns. That's on me. I'll get better.

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