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New Chiefs receiver Josh Gordon impressing already, could be activated next week

New Chiefs receiver Josh Gordon made quite an impression in his first week at his new job. So much so that Gordon may be promoted to the active roster next week, sources say.

Gordon, the 30-year-old who was signed to Kansas City's practice squad, was reinstated fully by the NFL on Sept. 27 after another lengthy suspension. The hope was to join a practice squad, get up to speed, then join the 53-man roster. That should come soon.

When asked how Gordon looks, coach Andy Reid joked, "He looks in pretty good shape. He's got less body fat than I do."

A low-risk signing, Gordon could pay off quickly. He was described looking like a No. 1 receiver, 230 pounds and fast. One source said you would never know he's 30. He has really flashed in practice.

In a disjointed career, Gordon has always been a big-play guy, averaging nearly 20 yards per catch with the Seahawks and nearly 15 with the Patriots in 2019.

He's also picked up the offense quickly, thanks in part to some similarities from what he ran in Cleveland when he first entered the league with the Browns. Brad Childress was the offensive coordinator on that 2012 team, meaning some of the verbiage is the same.

If Gordon can stay on track, an obvious challenge for him historically, he could be the prototype big receiver the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes lacks.

"He's a big receiver," Mahomes told reporters this week. "Even if he's covered, he's not covered. You can kind of throw it up there and he can make plays.''

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