NFL investigating laser pointer incident at Ford Field

Someone in the crowd on Sunday at Ford Field was aiming a laser pointer at members of the Buffalo Bills. The NFL wants to find out who.

League spokesman Michael Signora said an investigation is underway after quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt said a laser was pointed at them during the Bills' 17-14 win over the Lions.

Bills coach Doug Marrone said Sunday his team filed a complaint to NFL security officials. Schmidt informed Marrone that a laser was shined at him while holding on a field-goal attempt by Dan Carpenter in the third quarter.

A Twitter user claimed responsibility for using the laser pointer in the game. The account has since been deactivated, but Bills fans took screen grabs of the tweets and started a Facebook page calling for the person behind the account to be banned from all future NFL games.

"I think the league will do its job," Marrone said, via The Associated Press. "Obviously, it'll be something that has to be addressed."

The use of laser pointers are banned in facilities for all four major North American sports. A Detroit police spokesman told The Associated Press that laser pointers and their use is not a crime unless it causes injury or property damage.

If you're a laser pointer aficionado, and you're not a sixth-grade boy, seek treatment.

UPDATE: It appears the culprit has been found, per Fox Sports.

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