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'NFL Total Access' recap: Fallout from Aaron Hernandez arrest

Did you miss Wednesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Aaron Hernandez arrested

Aaron Hernandez appeared in court Wednesday and authorities filed six charges against him, including one count of first-degree murder and several weapons violations. He was later taken to jail, where he was held without bail.

The NFL Network's Rich Hollenberg said that the people outside the courthouse were "shocked and surprised" after learning of the charges.

How the Patriots reacted and NFL Networks Ian Rapoport discussed the New England Patriots' decision to release Hernandez. It was a collaborative decision made by many in the organization, including owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick. The decision, Rapoport said, was about more than money. It was about the Patriots brand and what the team believes it stands for.

As far as a salary cap hit, there could be large implications, but that wasn't a big concern for the team.

McGinest's take

Willie McGinest addressed how he thinks Belichick will handle the situation with the team, based on his experience as someone who spent considerable time in the meeting room with the Patriots' head coach.

One thing McGinest beileves Belichick will make clear is the players must avoid commenting on the situation -- it doesn't involve them. The Patriots will want to stay away from any potential distractions, and that's what they've done by releasing Hernandez.

If Hernandez had stayed on the team, there would have been a swarm of media around the facility every day asking questions about the case. Belichick doesn't want that surrounding his team, McGinest said, so he and the other organization leaders did what he had to do.

Brian Orakpo's 2013 goals

Brian Orakpo of the Washington Redskins joined the show and said he feels great -- so much so, he's aiming for Defensive Player of the Year. In fact, Orakpo said he was able to sit back and learn a lot during his injury last season, especially about opposing offenses and how they work.

As far as Robert Griffin III, Orakpo said he has no doubt at all that his quarterback will be ready to go for Week 1.

What's next for Patriots?

The Hernandez arrest does have implications for the Patriots on the football field. Brian Billick weighed in, saying Tom Brady will be a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame if he can put together a comparable season to 2012 with Michael Jenkins, Danny Amendola and Jake Ballard.

McGinest pointed out that the team didn't have big name receivers when they were winning Super Bowls in the early 2000s. The team did put up big numbers with Randy Moss and Wes Welker, but the coaches will be able to improvise with the players on the roster, McGinest said.

A legal perspective

Michael McCann and Harvey Steinberg gave a legal perspective on what happened with Hernandez. Both said that the motive must be proven and Hernandez's alleged comment of "I don't trust anyone" won't be enough.

Steinberg added that the high-profile nature of the case and Hernandez's involvement as a professional athlete might sway the judge to make an example of him.

Orakpo's top five

Orakpo listed his top five pass rushers -- DeMarcus Ware, Dwight Freeney, Von Miller, Clay Matthews, and Ryan Kerrigan -- leaving off J.J. Watt and Aldon Smith, two players in the top 10 of the Top 100 players of 2013. Orakpo said that was because he's biased and, as an edge guy, he had to look out for other edge guys.

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