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NFL Flag UK Programme

NFL Flag is a non-contact version of football which can be played anywhere and by anyone. Flag football is not just a gateway to contact however, it is a global sport in its own right, with world championships, competitive leagues and recreational pathways available for males, females and co-ed teams

In the UK, NFL Flag is the principal form of the game for schools, a part of the School Games, and is growing fast. The NFL believes in a level playing field for all, and that there should be no barriers to anyone wanting to play our sport. Therefore, we provide a training, development and tournament pathway including equipment and teaching resources to schools at no cost.

Your journey to becoming an NFL Flag school starts either with registering your interest through our website, or through your local School Games Organiser (SGO). Once you have registered interest, you will be contacted regarding courses in your local area. After attending a training day, you can then decide to become an NFL Flag School by completing a school agreement form. Once you are an NFL Flag School, we will send you our 12-week curriculum scheme of work, an equipment pack for game play and you will be all set to get playing in your school.

To aid your development as a coach, we provide additional upskill training days in which we go into more detail on different aspects of the game, developing your knowledge and supporting you to build your programme.

As your programme progresses, you may choose to enter one of our tournaments. Tournaments are available across the country for year 5/6 at primary and year 7/8 at secondary, At primary level, the winners from each of our regions progress to our national finals. Our Primary National Champions will then go on to represent the UK at the NFL Flag Championships at Pro Bowl in the USA.

It's not all about competition though. Our programme is designed to inspire and engage children and young people who may have fallen out of love with physical activity, to develop them as individuals through our core values of respect, integrity, resilience and responsibility to team, and to provide opportunities they might not be able to access otherwise. Such opportunities include cheerleader visits and dance programmes, playing on the Wembley or Tottenham turf at half time during our London Games, visiting teams at practice, festival days and more.