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Niners HC Kyle Shanahan not entertaining trading Nick Bosa but 'can imagine' him missing games

Eleven days away from kicking off the 2023 season, the San Francisco 49ers remain without their -- and the NFL's -- top defensive player.

Reigning Associated Press NFL Defensive Player of the Year Nick Bosa is still holding out as he awaits what's sure to be a mammoth contract extension.

Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan has been unsurprised for most of the standoff, but admitted Wednesday the situation has become a bit worrisome to the point he could see Bosa missing game time. However, he was adamant his star pass rusher would not be traded.

"I thought it would come probably at this time just looking at the history of those things," Shanahan said, via team transcript. "I'm really hoping it gets done. I know they're working tirelessly at it. [General manager] John [Lynch], [VP of football administrations Brian] Hamp [Hampton], [president] Paraag [Marathe]. I know their team is. But hopefully we can get him in here sooner than later."

Time is not only of the essence, but time is a problem now with the season just around the bend.

Thus, Shanahan's tone has changed a bit from early August when he wasn't stressed "at all."

Asked Wednesday if he could fathom not having Bosa on the squad to begin the season, he admitted it was a situation he could see happening but certainly was not a fan of.

"Yeah, I can imagine anything. Doesn't mean I like that picture," Shanahan said. "Of course not. You guys know how we feel about Nick, and we all know how good of a player he is. So hopefully we can come to terms soon and get him here as fast as possible."

While Shanahan can imagine Bosa missing time at the top of the season, he couldn't dream of trading away his star pass rusher. It was a notion he quickly dispelled with an emphatic retort.

"No," the head coach said when asked if the team would consider trading Bosa. I haven't talked to many people about that. But I know how I feel pretty strongly and I think everyone would agree with that."

Labor Day is the last weekend before the season starts. The holiday has seen its share of blockbuster deals come to fruition. Perhaps Bosa will be the latest. NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero noted on Wednesday's NFL Total Access that Bosa wants to be paid at the top of the market.

As it stands now, Steelers pass rusher T.J. Watt's $28 million annual average is tops among edges, with Nick's older brother, Chargers defensive end Joey, just behind at $27 million. Interior defensive lineman Aaron Donald sits atop them all at $31.66 per year, and perhaps that's where the younger Bosa is aiming to arrive.

A three-time Pro Bowler, Nick Bosa is coming off arguably his finest season. He was an All-Pro with a career-best and league-high 18.5 sacks that accompanied 48 QB hits, 19 tackles for loss and 51 tackles.

The only season Bosa wasn't a Pro Bowler was in 2020. He played in just two games that year and the 49ers fell short of the playoffs. With one missed game last season included, Bosa's 49ers are 5-10 without him in his career.

"You got to always be prepared to play without not just Nick [but] anybody," Shanahan said. "But hopefully that doesn't happen."

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