Patrick Mahomes ready to 'keep rolling' after throwing franchise-record 68 passes in Week 9 win

Patrick Mahomes is used to airing it out, but Week 9 was excessive, even for him.

Mahomes threw the ball 68 times in Kansas City's overtime win over Tennessee, moving the Chiefs to 6-2 overall through eight games. He completed 43 of those attempts for 446 yards and one touchdown, racking up a massive yardage total that didn't quite match the 20-17 final.

Most important to Mahomes, though, was the win, even if it required extra work for his cannon of a right arm.

"Obviously, that game got a little out of hand as far as throwing the ball a little bit more than we wanted to as compared to running it, but it kind of called for that," Mahomes acknowledged Wednesday. "And to be able to do both, I think you've seen in games that we've been able to run the ball a lot in some games, and then obviously, there's games where you have to throw the ball. It's something that you have to do as an offense in order to succeed in this league is being able to do both. And that's something I think we can do on this team."

A product of the Air Raid offense at Texas Tech, Mahomes has plenty of experience passing for the majority of a game. He received a full workload in the Sunday night affair, a game in which Kansas City abandoned the run -- handing off to runners not named Mahomes a combined total of just 13 times -- and needed every one of the 68 attempts to take down the feisty Titans.

Mahomes set a Chiefs franchise record for the most pass attempts and completions in a game with his 43-of-68 line, tying for the third-most attempts and fourth-most completions by any quarterback in a game since 1950.

Kansas City's approach was the exact opposite of Tennessee's, which saw rookie quarterback Malik Willis attempt 16 passes through four quarters plus overtime. Mahomes threw for more than five times as many yards as Willis (446 to 80), and 52 more passes than Willis, marking the largest differential in pass attempts (52 more) since 1950. He also broke the previous record for the largest gap of net passing yards (365) in a game decided by one score since 1950.

"Yeah, I knew we had a lot of plays, period," Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said on Wednesday. "No, look, we were going to do what we needed to do to try to win the game is what we felt. So, that's how we went about it. If the run game would've been going, we would've done more of the run game. But we got the pass game going there a little bit, there was a stall in the middle, but we picked it up after that. You're in the game and you're sitting there trying to score touchdowns."

It was a historic night for Mahomes and the Chiefs, but it wasn't new to the quarterback. As the son of former Major League Baseball pitcher Pat Mahomes, the younger Mahomes is built to let it rip.

"Ever since I've been young, I haven't really got sore even when I pitched when I was younger," Mahomes said. "So, usually just the normal stuff. We do different stuff that I do with my trainers and stuff like that, but other than that, I just try to keep that arm strength up and keep rolling."

Kansas City will hope Mahomes doesn't have to throw nearly 70 times again in Week 10, when the Chiefs face the Jaguars (3-6). And if he does, Jacksonville knows it's facing a rare talent capable of almost anything.

"He's electric," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said. "He's a guy that can extend plays. He gets the ball out of his hands so fast it's hard to get to him. He's kind of the heart and soul of that offense, tough to defend and tough to play against him, and I definitely appreciate how he plays the game. He plays it the right way."

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