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Robert Griffin III plays prom matchmaker

It appears as if Robert Griffin III has added a new regimen to his offseason training routine.

Prom matchmaker.

The franchise quarterback took time out of his schedule on Thursday to help Morgan Assel, a high school junior in Clifton, Virginia ask her classmate Juwaan Espinal to prom. Juwann has cerebral palsy and must use a wheelchair to get around. Morgan enlisted the help of RGIII to make sure her prom proposal was one Juwaan would never forget. RGIII happily obliged.

The duo surprised Juwaan at the high school's lacrosse playoff game.

Juwaan was blown away by both Morgan's gesture, and the fact that his favorite NFL player was part of the plan.

Needless to say, Juwaan said yes and should have another memorable night in store when he and Morgan attend prom together later this year.

For more on the story, you can read a full write up by The Washington Post.

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