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Sights, sounds from Super Bowl LVII Opening Night

Super Bowl week is finally here, and it starts with Opening Night.

On Monday, players and coaches from the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs took the podiums at Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix to share their thoughts on Super Bowl LVII and much more.

Starting off strong with the NFC, NFL Network's Michael Irvin caught up with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts on some of the first questions of the evening, including how this year will be the first time two Black quarterbacks are starting in the Super Bowl as Hurts squares off against Patrick Mahomes.

"Now, the first time for two to go head-to-head," Hurts said. "That's uplifting the next generation of quarterbacks. That 4-year-old, 5-year-old kid back in Houston, back in Philly, back in Texas, Louisiana, wherever across the world that regardless of what someone may say or have an opinion about you, you can do it. You can do it, too. There's a platform here. I value the platform I have, I'm sure like Pat does, as well. So, we just want to inspire the next people."

Irvin also spoke with Eagles coach Nick Sirianni, who asked the Hall of Famer a question for a change. Sirianni wanted to know if Irvin, who spent his entire 12-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, would pick the rival Eagles this Sunday.

"Coach, I got to keep this thing right down the middle, coach," Irvin said. "Right now, but I have had some moments here with the Eagles. I do think the Eagles have the advantage right now, coach."

Here come the NFC Champs

Here come the AFC Champs

Patrick Mahomes having fun at the podium

Mahomes could be headed to the doghouse after admitting he has been so focused on Super Bowl LVII that he has not planned Valentine's Day for his wife.

"I didn't even notice it was coming up, so don't tell her that I said that. I'll make sure I'll have some plans now," said Mahomes.

Mahomes made it clear that he will not have the song "Dreams and Nightmares" by rapper Meek Mill on his playlist for this Sunday. That is the song the Eagles ran out to when they beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Who does the best Patrick Mahomes impression? Well, according to Mahomes himself, it is none other than coach Andy Reid.

"He doesn't do it in front of a lot of people, thankfully, but Andy Reid for sure has the best impression of my voice," said Mahomes.

Andy Reid shows respect for his former team

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid talked about how he is so proud of the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl.

"I've got a lot of close friends on the Eagles," said Reid. "Some of the players are guys that I got to be in the draft with, and I'm proud of those guys for what they've done."

The Kelce Bowl

Eagles center Jason Kelce talked about what it is like to play against his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in the Super Bowl.

"We're always rooting for each other. I always want him to do well, but I would sure love to get this one over his head and have at least something over top of Trav," Jason Kelce said.

Donna Kelce, the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce, showed up to Opening Night with cookies to show her support.

Travis Kelce reflected on what it means to play against his brother in the biggest game of the year and talked about who won the most when they were kids.

"Jason definitely got that," said Travis. "I'll tell you what, though, what he did do is he gave me a cool perspective on how to beat somebody that's better than you. I kind of got to learn the mind games at a different level as a younger kid, so he's helped me, get to where I'm at without a doubt, but he got the majority of the wins for sure."

Brotherly love and fun

Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata showed love for one of his teammates, Jason Kelce, who is actually his screensaver.

"Jason is an inspiration. Jason Kelce is an epitome of a leader," Mailata said. "I got him as my screensaver, as fat Batman. That's how much of an inspiration he is to me. It's an honor playing with Jason Kelce, the player and the person that he is. You couldn't ask for a better teammate and a leader. He leads by example. You see it by his play on the field. More importantly, we see how he attacks every week in the classroom. Man, he walks the walk, talks the talk. He's the epitome of a leader."

Mahomes and Hurts shared a moment with the Vince Lombardi Trophy within arms reach.

A reporter in the making

Patrick Mahomes was interviewed by an 11-year-old reporter named Jazzy and gave her some words of wisdom.

"Always got to focus on your goals," said Mahomes. "That's whatever you do in life. If that's trying to be a doctor, a lawyer, on the football field, you focus on going and achieving those goals and everything usually works out."

Jalen Hurts was also interviewed by the young reporter and appeared to recognize her. "I think I seen you. I've seen you around. Good to meet you," said Hurts.

She talked to him about how Hurts has continued to prove doubters wrong throughout his career and asked how it feels to make it to the Super Bowl.

"That's a great question," Hurts said. "I think we have doubters. I think it can do one or two things for you. It can either break you or it can push you to go to new heights. I feel like one important thing, you know, people may be doubting you, what you're doing at such a young age. You can't listen to them. You just got to control the things that you can, give your best every time and keep going. One day, you'll be doing one of these games just like I'm doing one of these games right now, so that'll be cool."

Super Bowl LVII kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX.

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