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Terrance Knighton: Mo Wilkerson should be top-five paid player

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Terrance Knighton

Defensive tackle, New England Patriots

Born: July 4, 1986

Experience: Seven NFL seasons

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | July 14, 2016

It means a lot to me, my family and a lot of people back home. Whether they're a Giants fan or a Patriots fan, they're happy that I'm back home. I know people are happy that they can finally see me play every week. It's been a dream of mine to play with the Patriots. I'm just happy to be able to wear the jersey and, um, hopefully make it my home for the rest of my career.

I don't really go out trying to prove anything to anyone. I just want to be a team player and leader and win, at the end of the day. Being in the Patriots organization, they don't really care about individual achievements or what your individual goals are. They just want to win a championship and make sure you do your job and do the best you can.

[The toughest quarterback to sack] is probably my own quarterback. Brady is hard to get to, and he gets rid of the ball so quick. He pretty much knows what you're doing on defense. I've been lucky to get to him once in my career. But I'd say guys like him, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, just because he can beat you with his feet and arm. He's probably bigger than most defenders. Ben Roethlisberger, too. Those types of guys.

Very happy [I don't have to play against Brady this season]. It's a headache all week, preparing for someone like that. You just know he can beat you so many ways. I'll be happy to be on his sideline now.

I don't really know the details of [Brady's suspension], but it's like away from anybody's hands now. You obviously want your quarterback out there, and he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. You definitely want him out there, but the decision's been made. I'm pretty sure our coaches are prepared for whatever happens. We'll back whoever is the quarterback and support him until Brady gets back.

I think [Muhammad Wilkerson] should be one of the top five paid players in the NFL. I think he is the face of [the Jets'] defense and is the best player on that defense. It sucked that he got hurt, and that's part of the reason there is such a delay [with his contract]. But for all he's done for that organization and coming out of a small school like Temple, like myself, and being a first-rounder and overachieving, I think he deserves a big contract. I think he deserves the security of having a long-term deal with guaranteed money.

My favorite Patriot of all time would probably be Vince Wilfork and Troy Brown.Vince Wilfork because of the position he plays. I looked up to him and I just think he was the best nose tackle in the league when he was with New England. And Troy Brown because he's just one of those unsung heroes that did a lot for the organization and for the team. He was very selfless, played offense and defense. He's a guy that most players can look up to and see how selfless he was and how much of a team player he was.

Toughest running back to tackle? Physically, I would probably say a guy like Adrian Peterson. But, um, to me, it's someone like LeSean McCoy, who is very shifty, very fast, does a good job at juking guys and good at avoiding multiple defenders at once. It's hard to get your hands on them, so I'd say those two.

I didn't like [the nickname "Pot Roast"] at first. But when I left Jacksonville, I was like, you know, maybe I'll come up with a new nickname. But it fits me. It's who I am. People in my family call me Pot Roast sometimes, and it's fitting for a nose tackle in the NFL that's my size, so I'm having fun with it. Everyone loves it, and when I'm out in public, sometimes you hear people yell, "Pot Roast," and stuff. As long as the fans love it, I'm cool with it.

I've only had pot roast twice. I'm a steak guy, so I guess it falls in that steak family.

[Being a police officer] was something I wanted to do if I didn't make it [in the NFL]. But now that I played in the NFL, I'll probably go into some type of radio, talking about sports. I love talking about sports. I definitely want to be a high school football coach.

It's a lot and everyone has their own opinion about [the Dallas shootings]. Whether a cop is racist or not, whether a black guy is angry at white cops or things like that, I think the underlining factor is guns. Guns are the problem. You have young police officers who are scared when they pull over civilians. It's something basic, then it turns into a guy with two guns in the car. Or a civilian gets pulled over and the first thing they see when the officer walks up is a gun on their hip. I think we need to figure out how to get guns off the streets and find a better way to police things without guns.

I love all Boston teams.

Ugh. [Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors] hurt the friendship for about 48 hours. Something in my heart told me he was going to Golden State. I text him the night before he made the decision and said, "Please don't go to Golden State." And he said, "Awww, man." And I was like, "Awww, shoot." But just me knowing him, at the end of the day he's a friend, you know what I mean? I wanted him to go to the Celtics, but he wants to win a championship. I told him that, You know, I'd love for you to be a Celtic, but it's your career. Be selfish and put yourself in the best position to do what fulfills you and what makes you better. He put himself in the best position to win a championship, and some people may not like the whole super-team thing, but it is what it is.

It was just being a part of [Family Feud], because obviously, you sit home and watch it and always hope you can get on the show like that. I finally got the opportunity, and a lot of guys were just having fun, but me, I was trying to win. I sit at home and answer all the questions, and it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

The environment [is the biggest difference between the Patriots organization and others]. Everyone is on the same page. As soon as you come in the building, everything stops besides football. Any problems you have, whether it's girlfriends or money or family, when you step in the building, you leave it at the door. Just focus on doing your job and winning a championship. You don't see guys on their phones. You don't see guys messing around. It's all business, and I think unlike anywhere I've been, the focus of the players, the coaches and the locker room is just on another level.

Yeah, I pretty much hang out with the defensive guys. In any locker room I've been in, the offense is on this side, and the defense is on that side, and that's it.

I present a different type of leadership in the locker room because I'm very, like, pro-player. I'm not really scared to speak my mind. Whether it's a rookie or younger veteran or someone who feels a certain way about somethin', I'll usually be the voice for them. I'll present it to a coach, you know? I just make myself available to everybody, just someone in the locker room that everyone can trust.

I told [Rob Gronkowski] that I'm still waiting for my Madden copy. I'm definitely hoping that it's in my locker when we check in for camp.

I don't really like training camp, so I don't think I really have any best moments. The best moment for me is when it's finally over. It's a good time for everyone to come together and get better as a team. But I like the days where coach comes in and says, "Let's go to a movie."

Favorite movie is ... It's a tie between "Shawshank Redemption" and "Matilda." I think those are both great movies, and I get different enjoyment from each.

People always ask me [why "Matilda"], and my mom still asks me, too. It's just something about it. I pretty much know the movie by heart and enjoy the movie every time I watch it. Whenever I see it on TV, I watch it. Everything stops for "Matilda" and "Shawshank Redemption."

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