Terron Armstead not closing door on NOLA return: 'I don't want to rule out the Saints'

Terron Armstead is heading for the open market.

That doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving New Orleans, though.

With New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis' propensity for working wonders with the salary cap and Armstead's love for the franchise, NFL.com's top offensive tackle in free agency believes there's still a shot he'll stay put with the team that drafted him in 2013.

"I think it's still a possibility, honestly," Armstead recently said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "Been there for so long, the relationships built. I've talked to a few of those guys. I think it's still a possibility. Just don't know how it would unfold as of now, but those guys have shown [a history of being able] to work things and find ways to make things align. I wouldn't rule out the Saints. I don't want to rule out the Saints, I've been there for so long, I love the place. But the business has to make sense, everything has to line up. So, I understand the business of the league and how it folds. I just wouldn't, I'm not ruling out any of the 32 teams until the free agency window opens."

At 31-years-old with three Pro Bowls to his credit and a reputation as one of the best left tackles in football, Armstead even getting to free agency is evidence of the Saints' cap woes. After beginning the offseason severely over the cap, the Saints are now roughly $5 million over the $202.8 million figure, but it would seemingly take Loomis pulling multiple rabbits out of his hat to pull off the cap magic needed to find a way to bring back Armstead.

However, judging by Armstead's comments, he's certainly willing to stay put if a contract can be worked out.

But if he is moving on, Armstead's going to be prepared.

"Winning is definitely always the top priority for me," Armstead said of what he's looking for in a team. "Winning, quality of life, the guys, the organization. That's a lot of factors that goes into it. Never been anywhere else. I know how much of a first-class organization it is in New Orleans. I know what that locker room is like. I got a ton of friends throughout the league, so it's always interesting to hear different perspectives and different stories from guys on different teams. I just want to make sure I'm doing my homework, just like teams doing homework on me, if they decide to bring me in, I'm doing my due diligence as well."

Though Armstead hasn't closed the door on his time in New Orleans just yet, he's open-minded and looking forward to the new prospect of free agency.

"Definitely, unfamiliar territory," he said. "I'm just taking it all in. It's a blessing to have this opportunity to able to further my career, whether it's in New Orleans or somewhere else. I'm excited, honestly."

And there's certainly going to be a host of clubs excited at the prospect of signing the all-star left tackle.

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