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Texans, Raiders lead NFL with 12 2023 NFL Draft picks with HOU one of four teams with multiple first-rounders 

Intrigue abounds as to just what the Houston Texans plan to with the No. 2 overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Will they select their franchise quarterback of the future? Bolster rookie head coach DeMeco Ryans' defense? Or potentially trade down?

While all eyes are on the second pick, it's clearly not the sole reason this is a pivotal draft for the Texans in their hopes of turning around the franchise.

A look inside the numbers provided by NFL Research reveals teams such as the Texans, Las Vegas Raiders and (shockingly!) the Los Angeles Rams will have plenty of chances to bolster their ranks, while squads such as the Miami Dolphins will have to make the most out of very little when the 2023 NFL Draft kicks off tonight on NFL Network, ESPN and ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

In myriad ways, this draft is Houston heavy.

The Texans are one of four NFL teams with two first-round picks this season, and one of two (along with the Detroit Lions) to have multiple opening-round selections for the second year in a row.

Those two first-rounders are two of the Texans' 12 draft choices going into opening night of the draft, which is tied for the most picks with the Raiders. Houston currently houses five selections in the top 75 (more accurately top 73) with pick Nos. 2 (first round), 12 (first), 33 (second), 65 (third) and 73 (third).

The Texans took cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. at No. 3 and offensive lineman Kenyon Green at No. 15 last year, while the Lions picked defensive end Aidan Hutchinson (No. 2) and wide receiver Jameson Williams (No. 12) in 2022. Thus, having a pair of first-round picks isn't a novel concept for those two squads, but for the Seattle Seahawks (pick Nos. 5 and 20) and the Philadelphia Eagles (Nos. 10 and 30), it's been some time since they've been in a first-round two-step.

Last time the Seahawks picked twice in the opening round was 2010 and they selected offensive tackle Russell Okung at sixth overall and safety Earl Thomas at No. 14. Okung and Thomas were each starters in Seattle's Super Bowl win during the 2013 season.

It's been nearly 30 years since the Eagles had two first-round picks in 1993 and they picked guard Lester Holmes at No. 19 and defensive tackle Leonard Renfro at No. 24. Fate wasn't as kind to the Eagles, as Holmes was a starter for parts of four seasons and Renfro lasted two years with zero starts.

While a quartet of teams has multiple first-rounders this year, the Rams are on the verge of history sans first-round picks.

Barring a trade, this will be the Rams' seventh straight year without making a first-round selection, which would tie Washington (1984-1990) for the second-longest streak. Washington from 1969-1979 was the longest-running club to eschew first-rounders. Nonetheless, the Rams' draft is a pivotal one with or without a first-round pick, as they currently have 11 selections and will look to make the most of them after a 5-12 2022 showing.

As the Texans, Raiders and Rams figured to be mentioned often during the upcoming three-day festivities, other teams will find draft TV time few and far between.

Most notably absent will be the Miami Dolphins, who currently possess a league-low four picks. Not far behind are the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings with five selections.

By the time the Dolphins make their first pick at No. 51 overall, the Texans are slated to have already made three choices.

There will be 259 selections made over the next three days. The number is tied for the fourth-most picks in a seven-round draft (which the NFL switched to in 1994).

The Carolina Panthers will kick off the party on Thursday night and, unsurprisingly, the Texans are slotted to conclude the weekend with their 12th and the draft's final pick on Saturday afternoon at No. 259.

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