Titans players react to Ken Whisenhunt's termination

Titans players voiced their concerns following the unexpected mid-season termination of head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

"I'm very surprised. I felt 'Whiz' had a good relationship with the players and he kept all of us working hard to try and turn things around here," Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard told ESPN's Josina Anderson.

Titans veteran safety Michael Griffin expressed his opinions of the ordeal.

"You hate this for anyone," Griffin said per ESPN. "You know it's a business and one day my day will come. Just knowing outside of football telling your family you have no job or got to move again and everyday life things that goes on behind the scenes has to be the toughest. I will say I have a lot of respect for coach Whiz and I wish him the best."

Titans cornerback Jason McCourty joined SiriusXM on Tuesday. McCourty felt the blame for the 1-6 season was wrongly directed at Whisenhunt.

"Not one person is solely responsible for not winning," McCourty said. "Up to players to do their job."

Titans defensive back Perrish Cox had a similar take.

While Titans players showed sympathy for their former head coach, Matt Leinart -- who played for Whisenhunt for three seasons in Arizona -- had a contrary opinion for his former coach.

And soon followed that tweet with this:

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