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Travis Kelce says Chiefs' struggles are on everyone: 'It's a frustrating (expletive) experience right now'

Travis Kelce summarized Kansas City's 20-14 loss to the Raiders on Christmas Day quite simply in the latest episode of the "New Heights" podcast.

"We handed that team a win on Christmas," Kelce said on Wednesday, via "We literally played Santa and gave them a present."

It's easy to sense Kelce's frustration in the tone of his responses regarding the Chiefs' loss, the latest outing in which a lack of offensive rhythm has defined the day for Kansas City.

It's been a recurring theme in this 2023 season for the defending Super Bowl champions, who haven't established the offensive consistency that had once been their calling card. With two games left in the regular season and their division lead suddenly slim, the Chiefs know it's now or never to get things right.

"It's a frustrating f---ing experience right now," Kelce said. "Every single day, we're going in here and fixing it. I promise you guys.

"It's not just one guy," he continued. "It's not just me playing like dog s---. It's not just us not being able to get the run game going. It's not just us not being on the same page, passing-wise. Everybody's in this f---ing thing together. Everybody at some point isn't being accountable."

Frustration has been visible on Patrick Mahomes' face for weeks, if not months. It has since spread throughout the team, reaching a new peak on Monday when Kelce returned to the sideline and slammed his helmet on the ground, prompting head coach Andy Reid to get involved.

Kelce admitted he regretted throwing his helmet, which forced Reid to prevent Kelce from reentering the game immediately, instead taking a moment to talk with his star tight end before allowing him to return.

"He's looking out for me, and I love him for it," Kelce said on Wednesday. "I didn't go back out there and play good. He wanted to see the fire in me, and I reacted in a bad way. He wanted to just get the best out of me. And right now, I'm just not playing my best football and I got to f---ing lock the f--- in and be more accountable for him. Be more accountable for my teammates. I got to keep my f---ing cool, man, because as a leader on this team, that's not how you switch the momentum."

As for assigning blame, Kelce won't do so. He knows Kansas City's problems extend beyond one culprit, a possibly alarming realization that needs to be addressed immediately.

"That was embarrassing," Kelce said of the loss to the Raiders. "Everybody in the building knows how embarrassing that was, and we've got a short week, so we're going to forget about this s--- real quick."

Kansas City will attempt to get back on track against a familiar rival in Cincinnati, a team with whom the Chiefs have clashed in the AFC title game in each of the last two seasons. The stakes aren't as high right now for either team, but both need a win at this stage in the season.

Kelce hopes the Chiefs emerge victorious -- in emphatic fashion.

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