Tyreek Hill might challenge new Dolphins teammate Jaylen Waddle to race

Tyreek Hill joins a Miami Dolphins offense already boasting a speedster in second-year wideout Jaylen Waddle.

Before a track meet breaks out on the gridiron, Hill might challenge his new teammate to a race to establish speed superiority.

"I'm going to talk to him, we're going to chop it up, we're even going to get a few workouts in. Maybe even a race, man," Hill said Thursday, chuckling. "Because hey, wherever I go, the Cheetah, he's always got to prove he's the fastest on the team no matter what. I mean that."

Hill is one of the fastest players in the NFL, both in straight-line speed and play speed. But Waddle is a hot rod in his own right. In 2021, Waddle had the fastest play between the two players, earning a top speed of 21.80 mph on a Week 12 catch versus Carolina, per Next Gen Stats. Hill's top speed last season was 21.42 mph. But the former Chief earned 12 plays reaching 20 mph. Waddle netted just three.

Regardless of who is fastest, the duo will surely cause concern for defenses as they both can turn a short pass into an explosive gain.

"He's a fiery competitor just like I am," Hill said of what he knows of Waddle. "A lot of guys -- they get like, bad knacks for not being a beast, not being able to do certain things, not being able to run certain routes, not being able to go in and like, knock a linebacker on his butt. He's just like I was coming out -- a young guy who wants to compete, who loves the game and just wants to get better. I'm just excited just to be a part of that and that's even going to make me better. That's going to fuel me to be like, 'Okay, young guy coming in. Just like myself, want to compete.' So I'm ready for the challenge, dawg."

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