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Vic Fangio quietly signed contract with Eagles to help prepare them for Super Bowl; Fangio will join Dolphins after game

As the Eagles prepared for Super Bowl LVII, they had a little help from one of the NFL's top Xs and Os experts.

Sources say Vic Fangio, the soon-to-be Dolphins defensive coordinator, quietly signed a two-week contract with Philadelphia to assist its coaching staff as it prepares to face the Chiefs today. When his contract expires after the game, Fangio will officially join the Miami coaching staff.

As for the weeks leading up to today's game, sources say Fangio assisted the offense, not the defense. He's been involved with self-scouting and projects, helping Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen's unit as it gears up for Steve Spagnuolo's Chiefs defense.

Fangio has relationships all over the Eagles' staff -- not just with the defensive staff -- and those helped set up this arrangement. It's hard to imagine a better resource than the grizzled veteran who has seen it all.

There had been some talk of Fangio working as a consultant with Philly this season following his tenure as Broncos head coach from 2019-2021, but he opted to travel and take time away, instead.

When the regular season ended, Eagles coaches he's close with reached out to him to essentially say, "Do you want to go on this ride with us?" Fangio did, and soon afterward, he signed his contract.

Following Super Bowl LVII, he'll sign his three-year deal with the Dolphins that makes him the NFL's highest-paid coordinator, a contract that also includes an option for the fourth year.

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