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Weekly rankings: Jordan Cameron second to one

Terrelle Pryor was poised to be one of the biggest sleepers of the week with a fantastic matchup against the Washington Footballers. (Need a good nickname for the Washington football team.) But we're going to monitor his status as he goes through the concussion protocol.

So I'll lead off with him at No. 12, and we will monitor his progress. If he's cleared by Wednesday, I'll have him move ahead of Colin Kaepernick. Oops, I should have put a spoiler alert up first. You haven't started reading the list yet. Sorry about that. I'm so used to people spoiling "Breaking Bad" that I've just become accustomed to it. (Though in fairness, I'm just up to Episode 6 in Season 1.)


  • Hey, look who is back in the Top 3! It's Tom Brady. I don't want to get too giddy about his big game against the Buccaneers (well, what we consider a big game now). However, the Falcons have allowed the fifth-most points in fantasy football this year. So I'm going matchup, pedigree and a budding relationship with his young receivers. Remember that Thursday night disaster came on a short week, in the rain, with receivers he's yet to find a groove with. This will continue to improve with each and every week.
  • Tony Romo has a fantastic matchup against the Chargers at home on Sunday. Oh, you read that right. It will be a virtual home game for the Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium. The Cowboys always travel well, especially in the western United States. Sorry Chargers fans, I wish I could be there to help you represent.
  • I was close to pushing Colin Kaepernick out of the QB1 range for 12-team leagues. But if push came to shove, I would start him over Joe Flacco. I'm just being honest here. But if Vernon Davis is out on Thursday, I might drop him down to about No. 20.
  • Alex Smith seems like a trap game to me, but if Terrelle Pryor can't go against Washington, then you can sneak Smith in there as your starter.

Running backs

  • I don't feel weird with LeSean McCoy as the top running back here. I just don't want to jinx him. But seriously AD, you let Christian Ponder take your touchdowns like that?
  • The Texans running backs are in a world of hurt with a bad matchup mixed in with a time share. Watch, this will be the week Foster goes for like 150 and two touchdowns. This is why you always play him.
  • Frank Gore is the only guy I trust on Thursday night right now. You have to love the matchup after what DeMarco Murray did.

Wide receivers

  • There were times recently where 65 receiving yards were the norm for DeSean Jackson. Now it's considered a bad game when it happens. He's going to be great.
  • I really feel like we're going to be chasing points with Josh Gordon this week. It's such a tough matchup against the Bengals, but he's still a decent enough option.
  • Garbage points are still points, so Cecil Shorts has a lot of value. Well, he at least has some value.
  • Kenny Britt as No. 60 is symbolic because I hope he's traded to San Francisco on Wednesday. But I don't think we'll be that lucky.

Tight ends

  • That's right, Jordan Cameron is going to be the No. 2 tight end in fantasy for some time now. Well, at least until Rob Gronkowski returns to the Patriots. And that could be this week. I know Gronk hasn't played in a game, but there is no way he's on the bench if he's active. Do you want to out-think yourself with Jared Cook or something if Gronk plays? You know he will get a number of red zone targets if he's active. Tom Brady will want to get him into the mix.
  • The rest of you disappoint me.


  • I'm still a little upset Seabass wasn't allowed to try a 67-yarder in the game against the Broncos.
  • I started Josh Brown in a league last week. He might not ever be on these rankings again, ever. EVER!


  • The Chiefs are the darling pick of the week, which completely scares me. Look what happened to the Vikings last week. Still, the Chiefs have been excellent. Might as well get on the bandwagon. But so help me if you folks jinx this for me!
  • The 49ers are not in the top 10. It seems strange, but do you want to trust them against St. Louis? Actually, the short week might be a nice little option. Keep an eye out if somebody drops the 49ers in haste.

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