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Weekly rankings: Mike Glennon FTW!

This email popped into my inbox last Friday from my pal, Gene.

"Morning Rank...

Seeing you pick up Mike Glennon makes me sad. Would you be interested in a trade? I am proposing Andrew Luck for Shady McCoy.

Let me know if you're interested. Let me know if you're not interested. We could negotiate."

Nice try, Geno.

I stood fast with Glennon because I'm that kind of prideful sort. If you challenge me on something like that, I'm going to stick to my guns. And I was rewarded for it with two wins. And it should be pointed out that Glennon out-scored Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Andrew Luck.

I'm not going to start Glennon every week. (Maybe I will though, I hate to bench the hot hand.) But it's good to know you can always find a good young quarterback. Shame the same can't be said for the running back position. Ugh.

Let's get to the rankings.


  • The one concern I have about Peyton Manning is it will feel like a playoff atmosphere in Indianapolis this week. And you know how Peyton feels about the playoffs.
  • Tom Brady has treaded water for some time now. He is starting to feel it just a bit, and this is the week he starts to put it all back together. Rob Gronkowski would help.
  • This is a good Tony Romo week. No more of this hand-off stuff. That was getting old. That was not a moral victory.

Running backs

  • Sometimes you feel Adrian Peterson is just automatically slugged in there, but he really has a good matchup this week. Honestly.
  • Every time the Ravens lose, it seems like they go back to the run. The Ravens need to find their identity. Their identity is Ray Rice.
  • Arian Foster should be higher, but that offense is bad, man. Just bad.

Wide receivers

  • I must admit, I didn't believe Justin Blackmon would return and be this dominant. It's almost scary how good he's been.
  • Boy, I felt awesome when I had Larry Fitzgerald and Roddy White after my draft. It might pay off later in the year. It's kind of scary right now.

Tight ends

  • I said Vernon Davis was going to embark on one of the best seasons of a tight end and he's starting to show out. He's had his point totals increase for three consecutive weeks and he's now scored a touchdown in four of his last five games.
  • Rob Gronkowski will score a touchdown in his first game back. Because the only coach with the guts to bracket him in the end zone is Bill Belichick.
  • If you watched the Eagles and Bucs last week, you already know who Timothy Wright is. He looked really good. Granted, it was against the Eagles, but still.


  • I don't know what to do with myself now that Seabass isn't playing. So my top two guys are two who have names that kind of look like Seabass.
  • Mason Crosby has scored 45 points over the last three weeks. That's more points than many of your studs.


  • My only regret of the fantasy season is letting go of the Chiefs defense in the experts' league prior to Week 3. I wish I had forgotten to change my lineup that week. But I figured I would be able to swing back around and pick them back up.

Did you know that Adam Rank won last year's Expert's League title? Oh that's right, it's like the only thing he ever talks about. Well congratulations, Rank. You finally did something. What have you done for us lately? Let's worry about 2013 and stop living in the past. Typical Lakers fan, am I right? Oh, if you found this useful (as if) check him out on the latest "Dave Dameshek Football Program". And follow him on Twitter, please. He's taking us to lunch if he gets 17 more Twitter followers today. And we only got 15 the last time, so step up fantasy enthusiasts!

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