Wired video shows John Harbaugh's process for two-point call vs. Packers

A two-point conversion attempt ultimately determined the outcome of Ravens' 31-30 loss to the Packers on Sunday. But it's the decision to go for two that everyone once again is talking about.

For the second time in three weeks, Baltimore lost by one point after failing to convert a two-point play rather than attempt a PAT that could have potentially sent the games into overtime.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, as he is wont to do, conferred with his short-handed team before making a final call. The veteran coach, in fact, asked quarterback Tyler Huntley on three separate occasions if he wanted to go for two or play for OT.

"You'll make the play?" Harbaugh asked Huntley, in a video shared Monday by the team's official Twitter account.

Harbaugh also checks with an assistant coach over his headset (likely offensive coordinator Greg Roman) and a few other players. The fascinating sequence was captured by the Ravens' media department, while Harbaugh was wired.

"Go for two," Huntley answered the first time, before latter adding: "Let's win, coach."

Moments later, Huntley's pass to Mark Andrews is broken up by Green Bay cornerback Eric Stokes in the end zone to seal the loss for the Ravens. Andrews approached Harbaugh soon after and assured, "that was the right move."

"It was the right move," Harbaugh replied.

While that will surely be debated, especially since it didn't work out, Baltimore (8-6) now finds itself just outside of a crowded playoff field with three games remaining.

"There's two choices and both are viable," Harbaugh said Monday, per The Athletic. "It didn't work out. Half the people say they should have kicked it. I'm OK with that. I criticized myself for it. We definitely have to move on."

Interestingly, had the Ravens converted and held on against the Packers, and the Steelers two weeks prior, they'd be atop their conference. That's something Harbaugh acknowledged when talking to reporters Monday.

"If we would have hit two of these two point (conversions), we would be the No.1 seed in the AFC right now," Harbaugh added, per The Athletic. "That's the difference."

Had they kicked extra points, the conversation surrounding Harbaugh's choices might be much different. But Baltimore's place in the standings might not be.

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