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Fantasy Football

200 interesting fantasy facts from 2019 NFL season

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Those are a few interesting facts you might not know.

Now for something even more interesting ... here's your 200 Fantasy Football Facts from the 2019 NFL season.

Special thanks to NFL research extraordinaires Matt Frederick and Michael Florio for their help with this column.

  1. There were 1,244 offensive touchdowns scored this season, which is the second-most in a single season in NFL history. The record was set in 2018, when 1,288 offensive touchdowns were scored.
  1. The quarterback position thrived in 2019, scoring a collective 8,664.74 fantasy points. That's the third most since at least 2000 (as far back as we can track).
  1. Quarterbacks combined to rush for 7,698 yards this season. That's the second most in the history of the NFL behind only the 2018 campaign, when the position compiled 8,086 yards.
  1. Lamar Jackson set the NFL record for quarterbacks with 1,206 yards on the ground. That accounted for 15.6 percent of the 7,698 yards quarterbacks rushed for in 2019.
  1. Based on's ADP (average draft position), Jackson was one of the best values in fantasy football history. Drafted in the 12th round on average, he scored 415.68 fantasy points this season. That's the second-most by a quarterback in a single season in NFL history.
  1. Jackson needed only 1.41 more fantasy points to pass Patrick Mahomes for the most by a quarterback in a single season in NFL history. The Ravens decided to sit him in Week 17, however.
  1. Jackson had seven games with 30-plus fantasy points this season, the most by any signal caller in the Super Bowl era.
  1. If Jackson played in only the first three quarters of games, he would have scored 333.78 fantasy points. That is more than every other quarterback except Dak Prescott (337.78), who would have outscored Jackson by just four fantasy points.
  1. Jackson outscored Prescott by 77.9 fantasy points. That is the second-biggest gap between the top-two scoring quarterbacks since 2000. The biggest gap came in 2007, when Tom Brady finished 94.7 points ahead of Tony Romo. Believe it or not, but Romo was the lone quarterback to finish within 100 fantasy points of Brady that season.
  1. Jackson scored 226.42 fantasy points in the first halves of games this season. That is only 2.76 fewer points than Baker Mayfield put up all season (229.18).
  1. Jackson broke his own record for most rushing attempts in a single season by a quarterback with 176. He had 147 rushing attempts in 2018.
  1. Jackson averaged 4.9 yards per carry before contact this season. Christian McCaffrey averaged 4.8 yards per carry overall.
  1. Jackson had 483 rushing yards on first downs alone this season. Only Kyler Murray (544) and Josh Allen (510) had more total rushing yards in 2019.
  1. If you took away all of Jackson's fantasy points from rushing (yards and touchdowns), he would still be the QB12. He would have scored more fantasy points than Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers.
  1. The Ravens (with Jackson) became the first team since the 1970 merger to lead the NFL in passing touchdowns (37) while having the fewest pass attempts in the league (27.5 per game).
  1. Jackson led the NFL with 36 touchdown passes despite finishing just 26th in pass attempts (401).
  1. Only two field generals in NFL history have ever thrown for 35-plus touchdowns on fewer than 401 pass attempts: Hall of Famers Y.A. Tittle (36 TDs on 367 pass attempts) and George Blanda (36 TDs on 362 pass attempts).
  1. Jackson threw for 250-plus passing yards just three times this season. That is the fewest by the top scoring fantasy quarterback in any season since at least 2000 (as far back as we can track).
  1. Jackson threw a touchdown pass on nine percent of his attempts. The last quarterback to throw 30-plus touchdowns more often was NFL MVP Peyton Manning in 2004 (49 TDs on 497 pass attempts, 9.9 percent).
  1. If you took away all of Lamar Jackson's fantasy points from passing yards and touchdowns, he would have ranked as the RB28 this season. That's without any receiving stats!
  1. Jackson joins a group of just five other quarterbacks in NFL history who have finished with 390-plus fantasy points in a single season. That list includes Mahomes (2018), Peyton Manning (2013), Brady (2007), Aaron Rodgers (2011) and Drew Brees (2011).
  1. Beware the magical season? No quarterback has ever scored more than 390 fantasy points twice in his NFL career. In fact, the other five quarterbacks to score 390-plus fantasy points in a season all failed to score 350 fantasy points the following year. Only Brees (2012) finished the next season as the highest-scoring quarterback based on points.
  1. Mahomes did not repeat as the top-scoring fantasy quarterback in 2019, which isn't a surprise when you consider this trend: Since 2000, only Jeff Garcia (2000-2001), Daunte Culpepper (2003-2004) and Aaron Rodgers (2009-2011) have gone back to back seasons as the league's QB1.
  1. For the first time in NFL history, each of the top-10 fantasy field generals had 150-plus rushing yards this season. With Jackson leading the way, each quarterback averaged 418.6 rush yards (NFL record).
  1. Seven of the top eight fantasy quarterbacks had at least two rushing touchdowns. Three of the top six fantasy quarterbacks had at least seven rushing scored. The only quarterback to finish in the top eight who didn't have two-plus rushing touchdowns is Jameis Winston.
  1. For the ninth time in the last 10 seasons, the quarterback who led the position in rushing yards finished as a top 10 fantasy quarterback. Jackson (2018) was the lone quarterback to lead in rushing yards and not finish in the top 10 since 2010, but he didn't become the Ravens starting quarterback until Week 11.
  1. There were 791 touchdown passes thrown by quarterbacks this season. That's 34 fewer than last season. Field generals hit on 834 scoring strikes in 2018, which is the second-most in NFL history.
  1. Quarterbacks threw only 405 interceptions this season (1.6 per game), the fewest in the Super Bowl era. Winston accounted for 0.07 percent of those interceptions, the most in the league.
  1. The only quarterbacks to finish in the Top 10 in fantasy points in both 2018 and 2019 were Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. What do they all have in common? They all rushed for at least 250 yards in each season.
  1. Watson and Wilson are the lone quarterbacks among the top 14 drafted based on ADP to finish in the top five. Just five of the top 14 quarterbacks drafted finished in the top 10, including Prescott, Watson, Wilson, Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan.
  1. Nine of the top 17 fantasy quarterbacks were picked in Round 12 or later based on's average draft position data.
  1. Watson finished as a top five fantasy quarterback seven times this season. That is more than Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, Josh Allen, Wentz, Brady and Philip Rivers had combined.
  1. Watson has started 37 games in his NFL career, during which time he has scored more fantasy points than any other quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Cam Newton is the next closest, 25.7 points behind Watson.
  1. Watson is the only quarterback to finish in the top five in fantasy points at the position in both 2018 and 2019 (QB4 in both seasons).
  1. While his overall numbers look great in 2019, Watson was often times a disappointment. In fact, he had more games (8) with fewer than 20 fantasy points than he did with more than 20 fantasy points (7).
  1. Josh Allen led all quarterbacks with nine rushing touchdowns this season. He has now started 27 career games, during which time he has rushed for 17 touchdowns. Only Newton has had more rushing touchdowns (20) in his first 27 starts in the National Football League.
  1. Dak Prescott finished second in fantasy points among quarterbacks this season with 337.78. That is the most fantasy points by any Cowboys quarterback in franchise history.
  1. Prescott had 10 games with 20-plus fantasy points. Only Jackson (13 times in 15 games) had more.
  1. Prescott has rushed for 21 touchdowns since entering the league in 2016. That's the most by any quarterback during that span.
  1. Wilson is the top-scoring fantasy quarterback since 2017, compiling a combined 975.94 points. He also leads the position with 100 touchdown passes in that span. No other quarterback in the league has reached 885 fantasy points or topped 85 touchdown passes.
  1. In eight seasons in the NFL, Wilson has finished no worse than 11th in fantasy points at his position. He has also finished as a top-three fantasy quarterback in four of the last six seasons.
  1. Despite his overall success, Wilson was not reliable for fans down the stretch of 2019. After averaging 24.94 fantasy points through the first nine weeks of the season, he averaged just 14.87 points from Week 10 on and only topped 20 fantasy points once. That came against the Niners in Week 17, when most fantasy football seasons are over.
  1. Winston led the NFL in passing yards (5,109), but he failed to finish as the top-scoring fantasy field general. The last signal-caller to lead the position in both passing yards and fantasy points in the same season was Peyton Manning, who accomplished the feat in 2013.
  1. Winston's 5,109 passing yards are the 8th-most in NFL history and behind only Peyton Manning (2013), Brees (2011-13, 2016), Brady (2011) and Ben Roethlisberger (2018).
  1. With 33 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions, Winston became the first quarterback in NFL history to thrown for 30-plus touchdowns while also throwing 30 or more interceptions in a single year.
  1. Winston's first career pass in the NFL was a pick-six. His last pass (so far) in the NFL was a pick-six. He also threw seven pick-sixes this season, the most in a single season in NFL history.
  1. Winston threw more interceptions (7) in the fantasy playoffs than Lamar Jackson did all season (6).
  1. Winston had multiple touchdown passes in 10 games. He threw multiple interceptions in nine games.
  1. Winston had 11 games with 300-plus passing yards this season. That's 10 more than Lamar Jackson, who threw for 300-plus yards just once.
  1. Kyler Murray led all rookies this season with 285.28 fantasy points. That's the fourth-most in NFL history behind Newton, Robert Griffin III and Prescott. That is also the most by any Cardinals rookie, just barely beating out Anquan Boldin's 282.7 points in 2003.
  1. Murray was the only quarterback to finish in the top 10 in fantasy points at the position and not have any games with 30-plus points.
  1. Brees returned from an injured thumb in Week 8. Upon his return, he averaged a very impressive 22.72 fantasy points. Only Jackson averaged more fantasy points among quarterbacks in that span.
  1. Brees scored a combined 91.2 fantasy points during the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 14-16) this season. That's the most by any quarterback in the Super Bowl era.
  1. Brees already has the most fantasy points by a quarterback in NFL history (4,985.4). Next season, he needs only 61.51 more points to surpass Jerry Rice for the most by any player at any position.
  1. Brady's time as an elite fantasy quarterback are over. He threw for 24 touchdowns this season, which is the fewest he's had in a full season since 2006.
  1. Jackson was nine years old in 2006.
  1. Brady averaged 6.6 yards per pass attempt this season. Jackson averaged 6.9 yards per rush attempt.
  1. Brady averaged 16.48 fantasy points per game this season, which was his lowest total since 2013. He also finished with fewer than 18 points in six of his last eight games, during which time he averaged a mere 14.17 points. That ranked an awful 29th among quarterbacks in that span.
  1. Brady will turn 43 on Aug. 3, 2020. No player in NFL history has recorded more than 150 fantasy points at the age of 43 or older.
  1. Aaron Rodgers finished ninth in fantasy points among quarterbacks in 2019, but he was anything but reliable in the stat sheets. In fact, he was a top three quarterback in just three of his 16 starts. He also finished as the QB20 or worse nine times.
  1. At the ripe old age of 37, Ryan Fitzpatrick became the oldest player in NFL history to lead his team in rushing yards (243) and rushing touchdowns (4) in a single season.
  1. Since 2018, Fitzpatrick has averaged 18.8 fantasy points per game (20 starts). That puts him ninth among quarterbacks in that time, ahead of the likes of Rodgers, Josh Allen, Wentz and Cousins.
  1. From Weeks 9-17, Christian McCaffrey, Jackson and Michael Thomas led the league in fantasy points. Fitzpatrick was fourth!
  1. Ryan Tannehill took over as the Titans' starting quarterback in Week 7. Over those final 10 games, the only signal-callers to score more fantasy points were Jackson and Fitzpatrick.
  1. Tannehill averaged 22 fantasy points over his 10 regular-season starts in 2019. He averaged 14.68 points during his first six seasons with the Dolphins.
  1. Daniel Jones had four games with 28-plus fantasy points this season. That is tied for the most by a rookie quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Newton (2011) and RG3 (2012) also had four games with 28-plus fantasy points during their respective rookie campaigns.
  1. Volume is king in fantasy football! Nine running backs had 300-plus touches this season, and all nine finished in the top nine in fantasy points at the position. Over the last nine seasons, 63 running backs have reached 300 touches...all 63 finished as a top 10 fantasy back.
  1. The elite running backs in 2018 fantasy drafts made good on their high projections. The top four backs drafted based on ADP data finished in the top ten in fantasy points ... McCaffrey (1st), Ezekiel Elliott (3rd), Alvin Kamara (9th) and Saquon Barkley (10th).
  1. Among the backs to finish the season among the top 24 in fantasy points, 19 were drafted in Round 6 or earlier. Only two of 24 were drafted in the double-digit rounds or later (Miles Sanders, Austin Ekeler), and only one was drafted beyond Round 10 (Ekeler). Not a single top-24 back was drafted beyond Round 11.
  1. McCaffrey had an historic season, putting up 471.2 fantasy points. That's the second-most by any player at any position in NFL history, behind only LaDainian Tomlinson's 481.1 points in 2006.
  1. McCaffrey's 471.2 fantasy points were more than the entire backfields of 26 NFL teams.
  1. McCaffrey became only the third player in NFL history with 1,000-plus rushing and receiving yards in a single season Only Roger Craig (1985) and Marshall Faulk (1999) had accomplished it previously.
  1. McCaffrey had 2,392 scrimmage yards in 2019, which ranks as the third-most by any player in NFL history. Only Chris Johnson (2,509) in 2009 and Faulk (2,429) in 1999 had more in a single season.
  1. McCaffrey became the first player in the Super Bowl era to score 21-plus fantasy points in 14 games in a single season. Lamar Jackson had 13 such games this season, while Rodgers did it 11 times in 2011.
  1. McCaffrey averaged 29.45 fantasy points per game this season, which ranks as the sixth-most among all positions in NFL history. The record is held by Faulk, who averaged an astounding 32.85 points in 2000.
  1. McCaffrey scored 30-plus fantasy points eight times this season. The only players to average more in a single season all had nine such games: Tomlinson (2006), Priest Holmes (2003) and Faulk (2000).
  1. McCaffrey broke his own record for the most receptions by a running back in a single season with 116. He set the previous record with 108 receptions in 2018.
  1. McCaffrey now has 303 receptions in his first three NFL seasons. The only player with more in their first three seasons ... superstar wide receiver Michael Thomas (321).
  1. Tomlinson is the lone player in NFL history to have more fantasy points in his first three seasons than McCaffrey. L.T. produced 1,097 fantasy points, while McCaffrey has compiled 1,085 (just 12 fewer).
  1. The difference between McCaffrey, the RB1, and Aaron Jones, the RB2, was 156.4 fantasy points. That is the biggest gap between the RB1 and the RB2 in NFL history. Previously, it was Emmitt Smith in 1995 (414.8), who outscored Barry Sanders (304.2) by 110.6 fantasy points.
  1. If McCaffrey stopped playing after Week 12, he still would have been the highest-scoring running back by more than 20 fantasy points!
  1. If you took away all of McCaffrey's fantasy points from his rushing stats (yards, touchdowns), he still would have scored more fantasy points than Chris Carson, Joe Mixon, Todd Gurley and Le'Veon Bell.
  1. McCaffrey and Kamara (RB9) became the fifth and sixth running backs since 2000 to finish in the top 10 in fantasy points in each of their first three seasons in the NFL. The other backs were Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and Clinton Portis. All four of those backs also finished in the top 10 in their fourth season.
  1. As great as McCaffrey was in the stat sheets in 2018 and 2019, historical data indicates that he could be a longshot to finish in the top three for the third straight season in 2020. Since 2000, only two backs have finished in the top three in fantasy points in three or more consecutive seasons: Homes (2001-2003) and Tomlinson (2002-2007).
  1. Kamara did finish as a top-nine fantasy back, but he scored a touchdown in just one of his first 12 games. He did score four times in his final two games, but one of those games came in Week 17 when most fantasy football leagues were over.
  1. Aaron Jones ranked second among fantasy running backs this season with 314.8 points. That's the fourth-most by a Packers running back in franchise history. All three of the previous best fantasy seasons were accomplished by Ahman Green (2000, 2001 2003).
  1. Elliott (355) had his second straight season of 350-plus touches. The last player to reach 350-plus touches in three straight seasons was Tomlinson, who did it in seven straight seasons (2001-07).
  1. Despite averaging a career-low 19.48 fantasy points per game, Zeke still became the first player in NFL history to average 19-plus fantasy points in each of his first four seasons in the NFL.
  1. The Cowboys top-scoring PPR running back has finished no worse than 13th at the position in each of the last seven seasons. DeMarco Murray ranked sixth (2013) and second (2014), Darren McFadden ranked 13th (2015) and Elliott has finished second (2016), 12th (2017), fifth (2018), and third (2019).
  1. Ekeler averaged an impressive 26.75 fantasy points in four games without Melvin Gordon this season. Projected over a full 16-game campaign, Ekeler would have finished with 428 fantasy points. That would be the sixth-most points scored by any player in NFL history.
  1. Ekeler had 557 rushing yards and finished the season as the fourth-best running back in fantasy football. The only other backs to finish in the top five with fewer rushing yards were Danny Woodhead (2015), Terry Kirby (1993), Albert Bentley (1990) and Earnest Byner (1987).
  1. Ekeler is the only running back in NFL history with 300-plus fantasy points (309.0) and fewer than 600 rushing yards (557) in a season.
  1. Leonard Fournette become one of 23 running backs in NFL history with 250-plus carries and 75-plus receptions in a single season. However, he had the worst fantasy finish (RB7) among all those players. The other 22 running backs finished as the RB1 12 times, the RB2 six times, the RB3 three times and the RB5 once.
  1. Saquon Barkley didn't live up to his No. 1 overall pick status (according to ADP) until the end of the season. In Weeks 1-14, Barkley averaged 14.92 fantasy points (RB13) and missed four games with an ankle injury. In Weeks 15-17, he averaged 31.63 fantasy points per game, which is the most among all running backs in that time.
  1. Barkley reached 20-plus MPH as a ballcarrier (runs and receptions) more often than anyone else in the NFL, including noted speesters Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman. Barkley topped 20 MPH seven times, and he missed three games!
  1. Derrick Henry is the third running back in NFL history with 290-plus fantasy points (294.6) and 20 or fewer receptions (18) in a single season. The only other backs to do it were Seattle's Shaun Alexander (2005) and Hall of Famer Earl Campbell (1979) with the Houston Oilers.
  1. Henry's 303 carries was the fewest to lead the league since the Redskins' Earnest Byner led the NFL with 297 carries in 1990.
  1. Henry led the NFL with 1,540 rushing yards ... 1,268 of those yards came after contact. That equates to over 82 percent of his yards!
  1. Henry had 896 rushing yards in his final six games of the season. That's more rushing yards than Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman and Le'Veon Bell all had the entire season. According to ADP, all of those backs were drafted before Henry.
  1. Dalvin Cook finished as a top-five fantasy running back seven times this season, the second most behind only McCaffrey.
  1. Cook played in only 14 games, but he scored over 20 fantasy points seven times and over 25 fantasy points six times.
  1. Cook led all running backs with 73 runs of 15-plus MPH. He also led all running backs with six runs of 20-plus MPH, per Next Gen Stats.
  1. Nick Chubb had 1,494 rushing yards this season, the most by a Browns running back since Hall of Famer Jim Brown had 1,544 in 1965.
  1. Chubb also led the NFL with 79 forced missed tackles, per Pro Football Focus.
  1. Chubb finished as the RB8, but he was far more productive before Kareem Hunt returned from a suspension. In fact, Chubb averaged almost six fewer points and 20 fewer scrimmage yards with Hunt in the offense. Chubb also scored just two touchdowns while sharing the backfield work with Hunt. He scored six times before his return.
  1. David Johnson averaged 20.2 fantasy points per game and was the RB5 in Weeks 1-6. From Weeks 7-17 (7 games), Johnson scored a total of 20.2 fantasy points.
  1. Kenyan Drake, acquired by the Cardinals during the course of the season, finished as the third-best running back in fantasy football from Weeks 9-17.
  1. Damien Williams scored 21 percent of his fantasy points this season on just two plays. He had 91-yard touchdown run (15.1 points) against the Vikings and an 84-yard touchdown run (14.4 points) against the Chargers.
  1. Raheem Mostert scored at least one touchdown in the final six games of the season, the second-longest streak by any player this season. Only McCaffrey had a longer streak, scoring in seven straight games.
  1. Adrian Peterson finished the 2019 season with 898 rushing yards. That's the sixth-most rushing yards by a running back age 34 or older in NFL history.
  1. Wide receivers totaled 480 touchdowns catches in 2019. That is over 50 fewer than in 2018, when wideouts scored 532 receiving touchdowns. That is the most in NFL history.
  1. A total of 25 wide receivers topped the 1,000 receiving yard mark this season. That is tied for the most in any season in NFL history.
  1. Only two wide receivers (Kenny Golladay, Cooper Kupp) scored double-digit touchdowns this season. That's down from seven in 2018.
  1. Of the first five wideouts drafted according to ADP, only Davante Adams and Odell Beckham Jr. finished outside the top six at the position based on fantasy points. However, Adams projected to make the cut had he not missed time due to injuries.
  1. This is the second straight season that Beckham Jr. was drafted as a top-five wideout and failed to meet that expectation at year's end.
  1. Michael Thomas had 149 receptions this season, the most by any player in NFL history. His 374.6 fantasy points were almost 100 more than the second-best fantasy wide receiver, Chris Godwin.
  1. That is the biggest gap between the top two wide receivers in a season since 1951, when Hall of Famer Elroy Hirsch (317.8) outscored the Gordie Soltau (210.2) by 107.6 fantasy points.
  1. Thomas has 470 receptions in his first four seasons, the most in NFL history and 70 more than the next closest player, Jarvis Landry (400).
  1. Thomas has scored 1,204.3 fantasy points after his first four NFL seasons, the most by any wide receiver in NFL history. He passed Randy Moss, who had 1,190.8 fantasy points in his first four seasons. Among all positions, Thomas has the sixth-most behind only Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, Marcus Allen, Newton and Russell Wilson.
  1. Thomas joined Randy Moss as the only wideout in NFL history to score 250-plus fantasy points in each of their first four NFL seasons. The only other players to do so are Adrian Peterson, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson and Tomlinson.
  1. Thomas had 10 games with 100-plus receiving yards this season. The only players with more 100-yard games in a single season were Michael Irvin (1995) and Calvin Johnson (2012). Both did it 11 times.
  1. Thomas has 5,512 receiving yards in his first four NFL seasons, the most in NFL history. Moss (5,396) and Torry Holt (5,088) are the only other wideouts with over 5,000 yards in their first 4 NFL seasons.
  1. Thomas (374.6) was the only wideout to top 300 fantasy points in 2019. That comes just a year after seven wideouts broke the 300 fantasy point marker, which tied for the second most in NFL history.
  1. Thomas led all players in fantasy points scored while lined up out wide (242.0). He also scored the ninth-most fantasy points out of the slot (132.6). He was the only player in the top 10 in each category.
  1. Thomas was the only wide receiver to finish in the top 15 in fantasy points among all players in 2019.
  1. Thomas topped 20 fantasy points 10 times this season. No other wide receiver in the league did so more than five times. Thomas was also a top-10 wide receiver in 56 percent of his games. No other wideout was even over 35 percent.
  1. There were four players who finished as a top-20 fantasy wideout in at least 60 percent of games: Thomas (88 percent), DeAndre Hopkins (67 percent), Davante Adams (67 percent) and D.J. Moore (60 percent).
  1. Thomas scored 30-plus fantasy points in all three games in the fantasy playoffs, joining Larry Johnson (2005) and Beckham Jr. (2014) as the only players to accomplish that feat in the Super Bowl era.
  1. There were only three wide receivers who scored 30-plus fantasy points in at least three games this season. Thomas did it four times. The other two play for the Buccaneers: Mike Evans (3), Godwin (3).
  1. Evans had two games with 42-plus fantasy points this season, which is tied for the most by a wideout in a single season in the Super Bowl era.
  1. Evans has recorded 1,000-plus receiving yards in each of his first six NFL seasons. The only other player to do so is Moss.
  1. Evans led all wide receivers with 138 air yards per game.
  1. Despite missing the final two games, Godwin finished as the WR2 this season. That's the highest finish by Buccaneers wide receiver in franchise history. (Evans finished as the WR3 in 2016).
  1. If you add up the fantasy points of the Bucs top-scoring wideout each week of the season, they would have scored 433.3 fantasy points. The most ever scored in a season by a wideout was 408, set by Jerry Rice in 1995 (the only wideout to ever score 400-plus fantasy points).
  1. Godwin scored 25-plus fantasy points five times this season, tied with Julio Jones for the second-most among wide receivers.
  1. Godwin, Hopkins and Kupp each tied for the second-most top five fantasy wideout finishes this season with four a piece.
  1. Kupp, who led all receivers in yards (783) and fantasy points (170.1) out of the slot, finished as the WR4 this season. He's the first Rams wide receiver to finish in the top five since Holt accomplished the feat in 2006.
  1. Golladay led all wide receiver with 37 targets and 17 catches of 20-plus air yards. He also led all wideouts with 11 receiving touchdowns. That is tied for the fewest to lead the NFL in the Super Bowl Era with eight others, including Hall of Famers Lynn Swann (1975) and Paul Warfield (1971).
  1. Antonio Brown (obviously) did not lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns after doing so in 2018. The same wideout has not led the NFL in touchdown catches since Terrell Owens did so in 2001-2002.
  1. Julio Jones finished the season with 1,394 yards, which was good enough to finish second at the position. That was his fewest receiving yards in a single season since 2013. Jones has now finished in the top three in receiving yards among wideouts in seven straight seasons.
  1. Since the start of the 2013 season, Jones leads the NFL in receiving yards (9,968). In that span, only Antonio Brown (9,201) is within 1,000 receiving yards of him. Hopkins is third at 8,602 yards.
  1. Jones finished with six receiving touchdowns this season. This is the seventh straight season he has failed to reach double-digit scores. He has done so just once in his career, when he scored 10 in 2012.
  1. Hopkins has scored 911.84 fantasy points since 2017, the second-most among all receivers in that span. Only Thomas (948.60) has scored more.
  1. Beckham Jr. played 16 games for just the second time in his career, yet he scored the second-fewest fantasy points of his career (201.3). The only year he scored fewer was 2017, when he played just four games.
  1. OBJ posted career lows in fantasy points per game (12.58), receiving yards per game (64.7), receptions per game (4.6) and targets per game (8.3) in his first season with the Cleveland Browns.
  1. Amari Cooper finished with 246.5 fantasy points and averaged 15.41 fantasy points in his first full season with the Cowboys, both career highs. He also put up a career high 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns.
  1. Despite being the new No. 1 wideout in Pittsburgh, JuJu Smith-Schuster averaged career lows in receiving yards per game (46) and fantasy points per game (9.43) this season. The only time Antonio Brown put up lower total in either stat was his rookie year in 2010.
  1. Smith-Schuster was the seventh wide received drafted based on ADP data, going ahead of names like Evans, Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Kupp, Godwin, Julian Edelman, Tyler Lockett and Golladay. All of those players finished as top 15 wideouts, while Smith-Schuster finished as the WR65.
  1. Adam Thielen topped 100 yards in his first eight games of 2018 and averaged 25.25 fantasy points per game in that span. Since then, he has topped 100 yards just twice (18 games) and averaged 12.21 points.
  1. Allen Robinson was the 30th wide receiver drafted on average on, going in the 10th round. He finished as the WR8. Of the seven wideouts drafted ahead of him, only Godwin (6th round) and Kupp (7th round) were drafted outside the first five rounds on average.
  1. Brandin Cooks was the 17th wide receivers drafted on average on, going in the fifth round. He finished as the WR62 and was a top-20 wideout just once all season.
  1. Larry Fitzgerald averaged 20.35 fantasy points in the first two weeks of the season. He scored over 15 fantasy points just once in his final 14 games.
  1. Of all the wide receivers with at least 50 targets, the one saw the highest percent of doubles teams was not Thomas or Hopkins. It was Mike Williams, who faced a double team on 7.8 percent of his routes. No other wide receiver was over six percent.
  1. Williams also led all wide receivers with 17.4 air yards per target this season. No other wideout even topped 17 yards.
  1. Marvin Jones Jr. had eight touchdowns inside the red zone in 2019, which tied Thomas for the league lead. However, Jones did so on just 14 red-zone targets, while Thomas had 22.
  1. Emmanuel Sanders became the only player in NFL history to score a fantasy point in 17 regular-season games in a single year. He was traded from Denver to San Francisco and didn't have a bye week.
  1. Will Fuller scored 57.3 fantasy points against Atlanta in Week 5. That is the most by any player at any position this season and the most by a wide receiver since T.O.had 54.8 fantasy points against Chicago in Week 16, 2000.
  1. Fuller scored just 134 fantasy points for the entire season, so almost 43 percent of his fantasy production came in one game.
  1. Our love/hate relationship with Robby Anderson continued in 2019. He averaged just 7.3 fantasy points in Weeks 1-11, but went off for a 16.9-point average in Weeks 12-16. In 2018, he averaged 23.1 fantasy points in Weeks 14-16, after averaging just 8.2 points in the first 13 weeks.
  1. Want proof that you can find breakout wide receivers late in drafts? Courtland Sutton, D.J. Chark, DK Metcalf, Michael Gallup, John Brown, A.J. Brown, Deebo Samuel, Terry McLaurin and DeVante Parker were all drafted in Round 14 or later, on average, in leagues.
  1. DeVante Parker scored nine touchdowns during his breakout 2019 season. He had scored nine touchdowns in his previous four seasons combined.
  1. Parker was tied for the league lead in touchdowns (6) among wide receivers from Week 9 on this season. The other receivers to accomplish the feat? Jarvis Landry, Jamison Crowder, and Breshad Perriman.
  1. A.J. Brown was the 62nd wide receiver to come off the board in fantasy drafts based on ADP data, behind the likes of Dante Pettis, Keke Coutee and Donte Moncrief. Brown went on to finish 21st in fantasy points at the position while those three all finished outside the top 100 at the position.
  1. Brown led all receivers (min. 50 targets) with a 127.6 passer rating when targeted for the season. He also scored 74.3 fantasy points in the fantasy playoffs, which is the fourth-most by a rookie wideout.
  1. Sutton was one the best bargains in fantasy football. Taken in the 14th round according to ADP, he finished as the WR19 ahead of Beckham Jr, Smith-Schuster, Stefon Diggs, and Brandin Cooks, all of whom had an ADP in the first five rounds.
  1. Sutton was the lone top-20 wideout who did not finish any week in the top five at his position, but he did score 10-plus fantasy points in 11 of his 16 games (69 percent).
  1. Chark Jr. started the season on fire, averaging 21.1 fantasy points while ranking as the WR5. He fell back to earth after that, however, topping 20 fantasy points just once from Week 6 to season's end.
  1. Mecole Hardman led all receivers (min. 25 targets) with a 146.6 passer rating when targeted. The closest receiver? Thielen at 130.0.
  1. Tight Ends combined for 2,417 receptions (third-most in NFL history), and 26,314 receiving yards (sixth most) in 2019.
  1. For the first time in NFL history, at least three tight ends have eclipsed the 1,000 receiving yard mark in back-to-back seasons. George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Zach Ertz did it in 2018, while Kelce, Darren Waller and Kittle did it this season.
  1. Kelce finished with the most fantasy points among tight ends for the fourth straight year. He is the first tight end to lead the position in four straight seasons since Todd Christensen (1983-1996).
  1. Kelce (254.3 fantasy pts) joined Jimmy Graham as the only two tight ends in NFL history with 220-plus fantasy points in four straight seasons.
  1. Kelce's domination has spanned five seasons. He leads all tight ends in targets (628), receptions (440), receiving yards (5,603), touchdowns (33) and fantasy points (1,194.9).
  1. Since 2015, the only tight ends with over 1,000 fantasy points are Kelce (1,194.9) and Ertz (1,052.2). No other tight end has eclipsed even 800 fantasy points in that span.
  1. Not surprisingly, Kelce is one of two tight ends to score 30-plus touchdowns since 2015. The other? Kyle Rudolph with 30.
  1. Kittle led all NFL receivers (wideouts and tight ends) in yards after the catch (662) and receiving yards after contact (343). He also tied for the league lead in missed tackles forced (21).
  1. Kittle finished as a top-five fantasy tight end in 50 percent of the games he played, the highest clip among all tight ends.
  1. Kittle has dominated the last two seasons, but he still has room for improvement. That's due to the fact that he has scored just five touchdowns per year in that time. In 2019, Mike Gesicki, Dallas Goedert, Ryan Griffin and Foster Moreau scored the same number of touchdowns as Kittle.
  1. Kelce and Kittle will be the two top tight ends drafted in 2020, but who should go first? It's very close. In fact, they both averaged exactly 15.89 fantasy points per game this past season.
  1. Ertz (TE4) and Goedert (TE10) are the second set of teammates to both finish as Top 10 tight ends since 2000. Rob Gronkowski (TE1) and Aaron Hernandez (TE3) accomplished the feat for the 2011 Patriots.
  1. Ertz and Goedert combined to score 360.3 fantasy points this season. Since 2000, the only duo of tight end teammates to score more are the 2011 Patriots, when Gronkowski and Hernandez combined for a whopping 545.4 fantasy points.
  1. Mark Andrews was one of five tight ends to score over 200 fantasy points this season. He was the only one with fewer than 100 targets.
  1. Andrews led all tight ends with 11 end zone targets and in targets per route run (36 percent) this season.
  1. There were only four tight ends who saw double-digit end zone targets this season. Three (Kelce, Andrews, Jared Cook) aren't much of a surprise. The fourth? Mike Gesicki.
  1. Cook led all tight ends (min. 30 touches) by averaging 3.90 fantasy points per touch. No other tight end averaged more than 3.25. He also led the position in fantasy points per target (1.55) and air yards per target (10.9).
  1. Waller had a breakout campaign, scoring 221 fantasy points while finishing as the No. 3 tight end. That's the fourth-best fantasy season by a tight end in Raiders history. Each of the top three spots are held by Todd Christensen.
  1. Austin Hooper scored 191.7 fantasy points in 13 games, good for fifth-best by a tight end in Falcons history. The top four seasons are held by Tony Gonzalez. Had Hooper not gotten hurt, however, he might have beaten out the Hall of Famer. His 14.75 fantasy points per game average put him on pace to score 236 fantasy points in 16 games. The most Gonzalez ever scored as a member of the Falcons was 234 in 2012.
  1. Tyler Higbee's 160.4 fantasy points is the most a tight end has ever scored in Rams history. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that he was second on the team to Gerald Everett in fantasy points at the position through the first 12 weeks!
  1. In the final five games of the season, Higbee scored 107.2 fantasy points. In that same time, Everett failed to score a single point.
  1. In Weeks 13-17, Higbee scored 107.2 fantasy points. No other tight end in the league reached even 85 fantasy points in that span.
  1. Since 2018, Eric Ebron leads all tight ends with 17 touchdowns. Of course, 14 of those scores came in 2018. If you remove that season from Ebron's resume, he has scored just 14 total touchdowns ... in his career.
  1. Jimmy Graham averaged a career-low 6.29 fantasy points this season and finished as a top-10 tight end just twice.
  1. Graham has averaged over 13.5 fantasy points in his first eight seasons. Since then (five seasons), Graham has averaged just 9.5.
  1. O.J. Howard was the fifth tight end drafted in leagues based on ADP data. He did not finish as a top five tight end in any week, and his TE29 finish was worse than the likes of Blake Jarwin.
  1. How bad was Howard in the stat sheets? He finished the season with five times as many tackles as he had touchdowns.
  1. Will Dissly had a 146.7 passer rating when targeted this season, the highest among all tight ends (min. 20 targets). The other two tight ends in the top three in this category were Ryan Griffin (138.8) and Rudolph (138.1).
  1. Griffin showed some flashes of potential for the Jets in 2019, but he still finished just as the TE22. The Jets haven't had a single tight end finish in the top five in fantasy points at the position since Johnny Mitchell ranked fifth ... in 1994.
  1. Vance McDonald was the eighth tight end off the board (Round 8) based on ADP data. He went on to finish as the TE30 and had just two top 20 finishes at the position all season.
  1. Noah Fant led all rookie tight ends with 111 fantasy points. That is the fewest points scored to lead all rookie tight ends since Will Tye had 104.4 fantasy points in 2015.
  1. T.J. Hockenson scored 25.1 fantasy points against the Cardinals in Week 1, finishing as the TE2. That would be his only top-10 finish of the season. Hockenson went on to average 5.05 fantasy points per game the rest of the season and was the TE32 from Week 2 on.

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