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Adam Rank's top 111 fantasy players for 2016

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Welcome to Rank's 111, my top rankings for the coming fantasy season. Now, this is the part of the show where I would spend 500 words talking about something completely unrelated be it Garrett Richards' injury, the movie "Keanu" or maybe even professional wrestling. But I'm going to dispense with the chit-chat and get right to the list so you can hit me up on Twitter and call me a (expletive). Unless, of course, you are reading this on Facebook. You can just call me a (expletive) there.

And without further ado ...

Adam Rank's Top 111 Fantasy Players for 2016

What? Elliott is the first running back off the board? Of course he is. Think of how terrific Gurley was last season. Now imagine Gurley playing behind the Cowboys line with Tony Romo as his quarterback. Elliott is going to be the top-scoring back in fantasy this season. AD had 1,341 with 12 touchdowns his rookie season. Elliott will get that.

I know a lot of you really like Le'Veon Bell. I fear I have him too high, and already have regrets about it. He looks great and everything. But DeAngelo Williams will be a bigger fixture than you anticipate. But Bell got all of the carries after his suspension and Williams had played great, right? That's right. But Bell is coming off an injury which is a completely different thing. I would imagine the Steelers play it a little bit safe with him. Or maybe they go, (expletive) it. If he gets hurt again, DeAngelo is awesome. So it might not matter. But for me, I don't want to take that risk if I can avoid it.

Thomas Rawls is the most interesting character here. He might have been top 20 for me prior to the draft, but I have the feeling Seattle isn't totally sold. I have C.J. Anderson a little bit higher than I first imagined, too. Devontae Booker looms.

Carlos Hyde is really intriguing, too. Let me say this so we are all clear. Hyde is really good for Chip Kelly's system. I'm just not sure Kelly's system is good for the NFL. I kind of applaud the Eagles for hitting the eject button so quickly because it seems like the league figured him out. Now he's going to one of the worst organizations in the league. Yeah, this should end really well. Honestly, I have no idea what the 49ers are doing. I feel they are in the same boat.

I don't know if I would actually take Jordan Reed above Matt Forte, but it seems good in theory. Reed is due for a monster breakout season. If you had to pick one of the NFC playoff teams to fade back to the back, I'd figure it's the Vikings and not Washington. So I don't mind going big on its players.

I feel like TEs are being undervalued. I expect the Bengals to be not good this year, so that means a ton of passing. Eifert is the No. 2 pass-catcher in that offense. He had a ton of touchdowns last year. He's just getting going. He's right there with Olsen and Kelce.

I'm super cool if I end up with Eddie Lacy as my RB1. I wouldn't even hate that. Outside of him being a Packer.

I remember last year when everybody just figured Randall Cobb would assume Jordy's production. That didn't quite work out so well. He'll end up being a bargain for you if you wait long enough. The production will return, but other guys are ready to step up for the Packers.

I was bullish on Jeremy Hill during his first two seasons. I'm out now that Hue Jackson is in Cleveland. This Bengals team is going to be 4-12 bad. Which means a lot of throwing the ball. Which means more Giovani Bernard and less Hill.

I'd like to have Chris Ivory handcuffed with T.J. Yeldon immediately, so it really counts as two picks. Honestly, I would like to go Ivory, Yeldon and Paul Perkins in some order.

If you read my Rank's 11 post-draft sleepers, you know I love the Paul Perkins. I said he would be one of my last picks. But Brad Evans of Yahoo (who I name-checked in that article) already has him listed in the eighth- or ninth-round. We're not going to Ameer Abdullah this guy, are we? I can't do it. So the eighth-round it is, I suppose. I'm kind of fine with that.

More rookies are starting to fill out the ranks. I'm not afraid to go all-in on rookies. Sometimes it works out (Todd Gurley), other times it's misery (Ameer Abdullah). But you shouldn't be afraid to take a risk. Most of the guys you draft are going to end up being injured or ineffective, so who cares, right? Don't beat yourself up over it.

But Kenneth Dixon will end up being this year's Ameer Abdullah. I probably have him rated the lowest of anybody. The 'Marc Trestman got Matt Forte 100 receptions' is going to be very strong with Dixon. Which is true. But Matt Forte is one of the best running backs of the last 25 years, so let's not put him in that category yet. You also forget John Harbaugh loves Justin Forsett. I might need to rethink things.

And hey look, didn't you use to be Jimmy Graham?

BTW, I'm taking the Gost in the fifth-round, because I made such a proclamation on NFL Fantasy Live. I'm not hating it too much. Seriously, I'm going to end up with Paul Perkins and I'm going to laugh at all of you. So we're good.

You should know by now that I'm all about Double H, Hunter Henry. He's going to have a Gronk-like rookie season with around 500 yards and 10 touchdowns. It's happening.

DeAngelo should be the obvious handcuff to Le'Veon Bell, but he's also going to be involved enough this year to have some flex appeal.

I want to like Laddy Green, but he's burned me before. I like his situation a lot better with the Steelers, but I'd much rather have Markus Wheaton. I know they play two different positions.

But that's what I've got. I don't want to be all mamby-pamby and say, "Hey look, this list is fluid." It is, though. We've got a lot of offseason work to get through. Have fun and good luck to all of you. (I have no idea why I wrote that. Logging off is such tough sorrow.)

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