Andy Janovich is the hero the FB position deserves

The fullback has a hero -- a protector -- and his name is Andy F------ Janovich.

The Broncos rookie rumbled for a 28-yard touchdown on the first rushing attempt of his career in Thursday's season opener against the Panthers. Janovich even did that classic fullback move where he protected the ball with both hands as he crossed the goal line, seemingly certain a fleet-footed safety was fixing to pull a Don Beebe.

Panthers cornerback Bene' Benwikere, so certain of Janovich's third-and-1 role as a laughable decoy, coasts right by as the fullback trucks into open pasture. It was the NFL's first rushing touchdown by a fullback since 2002.

That's actually not true, but you kind of bought it, didn't you? These are dark times for the fullback position, which has been fazed out of NFL offenses in recent years.

But that was before Andy Janovich came along, challenging conventions and sticking it to Peyton Manning, who thought he was too cool for a fullback in his offense.

Well you're not so cool, Peyton Manning. Denver is Janovich Country now.

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