Patriots coach Bill Belichick on choosing offensive play-caller: 'When we get to it, we'll get to it'

It's another week in the offseason, and Bill Belichick still isn't close to revealing who will call plays for the Patriots in 2022.

Belichick downplayed the importance of the role and remained staunch in his stance on the matter, which still seems as if it's a million miles away from being settled and was efficiently explained with one brief response: "When we get to it, we'll get to it."

Belichick was even asked if he would be the one in charge of play-calling. Predictably, his response lacked spice.

"I've called them and I haven't called them," Belichick said. "Other people have called them and haven't called them. We'll see."

With the realization they wouldn't get much out of Belichick on the organization of his coaching staff and the ever-important role of play-caller, reporters pivoted to asking about the practice sessions ahead this week for the Patriots. It's a period that isn't about evaluation as much as it is about the mental side of the game, Belichick said.

"It's teaching, it's instruction, it's understanding," he explained.

What the public is waiting to understand is who Belichick will anoint as the successor to Josh McDaniels, the one in charge of the play sheet and making the often-crucial decisions when New England possesses the ball. The leading candidates as of last week appeared to be Joe Judge and Matt Patricia.

As has long been the standard for the Belichick Patriots, though, such information isn't going to come easily.

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