Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle already preparing to race new teammate Tyreek Hill

During Tyreek Hill's introductory press conference in Miami, the speedy receiver threw down the gauntlet, challenging new teammate Jaylen Waddle to a race.

Waddle knew the trial was coming.

"I already knew this was coming," Waddle told the "I Am Athlete" podcast, via the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "The next day (after the trade), I said, 'I know he's going to try to race. Let me get on these legs real quick.' I already know a race is going to come."

Regardless of who wins the eventual race, Waddle wants to saddle up to Hill and learn from one of the NFL's best receivers.

"Being my size, we're not necessarily the same size, but we're the same type of player. Same caliber of player," Waddle said. "He's going on his seventh year. He's had tremendous success. I can learn a lot from him if he's willing to teach it. I'm going to soak up all the game."

Waddle broke the record for most catches by a rookie in 2021 with 104 to start his career. In Year 2, the elusive wideout wants to add more yards after catch, adding explosion to his game after short hauls.

"I gotta show some [yards after the catch]," Waddle said. "I gotta be YAC crazy out there. That's definitely something I know I got and something I gotta show. I ain't gonna talk too much about it. I just gotta go out there and show it."

Last year, Waddle netted 475 yards after the catch, 10th-most among all receivers, but his 4.5 YAC per reception put him 24th, per Next Gen Stats. Hill generated 453 yards after catch in 2021 with a 4.1 average. Both receivers are now playing in a Mike McDaniel offense, which helped produce Deebo Samuel's league-best 802 yards after catch, with a 10.4 YAC per reception.

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