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Fantasy football waiver wire targets for Week 9 of 2020 NFL season

2020. Week 8. Sunday, 5:01 p.m.

Even when you rarely leave the house, the weekend is still never long enough. Turning the clocks back on Sunday made for a convenient excuse to stay up later. Even if "staying up later" consists of falling asleep on the couch watching the Sean Connery b-movie classic Zardoz. I pretend that it helps me adjust faster to the time change. A day later, my folly has revisited me in the form of a late afternoon slump.

That slump is matched only by the ennui shown by several of my fantasy lineups. The continuation of the bye weeks offers no hope for rejuvenation. But Buffalo Bills running back Zack Moss could be a pick-me-up pick-up for beleaguered fantasy backfields. Forgotten by some during his time away with injury, he reintroduced himself in Week 8 and should become acquainted with more fantasy rosters soon.

49ers running back JaMycal Hasty is a name that made the rounds recently. His popularity will only grow with Tevin Coleman suffering yet another injury and the distressed Packers run defense next on the schedule. In an offense desperate for playmakers, Hasty will have a chance to prove himself.

With the Seahawks temporarily impoverished at running back, DeeJay Dallas proved he could carry a decent workload if needed. While Carlos Hyde is on the mend, Dallas should be no worse than the No. 2 back behind Chris Carson.

A late afternoon coffee seems like an okay idea. A handful of fun size chocolate bars seems like a better one.

Sunday, 10:35 p.m.

After a late Saturday night, wisdom suggests an earlier bedtime might do one some good. I am not wise. At least not on this. After all, Ip Man 2 waits for no one. However, I did have the wisdom to think Drew Lock could be a savvy streaming option. After being the latest quarterback to break the spirit of Bolts fans, Lock sets his sights on the Falcons and Raiders in back-to-back weeks.

Lock might be a future problem for the Raiders. Mike Williams and the rest of his Charger WR cohort might be a more immediate concern. Justin Herbert has unlocked L.A.'s wideouts and a big deep threat versus a not-so-great pass defense is worth a stab off the wire.

For stabs on the waiver wire, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will appeal to those strong of heart and/or in two-quarterback leagues. As long as "Charger" continues to be a verb in the fourth quarters of games, signal-callers against them remain a solid option.

While waiting for Donnie Yen to throw hands, I flash back to take a stab at Quintez Cephas off the waiver wire early in the year. It was not fruitful. Yet with Kenny Golladay sidelined again, I consider dipping my toes back into the pool of Lions receivers with Marvin Hall. With the Vikings on tap next, the matchup is good enough to at least think it over.

Monday afternoon.

I'm in a familiar spot, staring into the refrigerator. When you stare into the refrigerator, the refrigerator stares back at you. Stocked with comfort food for a night of watching election returns. I'll probably have a few grapes to convince myself I've done something healthy.

Colts running backs Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins could see their fantasy fortunes rise and fall based on the health of Jonathan Taylor's ankle. Though with the rookie struggling to generate big plays, the veterans could start to see more time, nonetheless.

Malcolm Brown has not faded from view in the Rams backfield. However, with the team on a bye this week, he might best be viewed from the long-range lens belonging to managers who have the luxury of stashing a player.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy analyst for and a man who is still reminding you to vote. That's it. That's the message. Send him your fantasy football questions on Twitter @MarcasG or Instagram at MarcasG.

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