Gary Barnidge's Twitter feed tells a rough NFL story

You have to feel for Gary Barnidge.

This time last year, he was a beam of light in a world of darkness for the Browns. Barnidge's surprise 1,000-yard, nine-touchdown season in 2015 scored him a fat contract extension and firmly positioned the veteran tight end as an anchor piece for the foreverrebuilding Cleveland football entity.

And even last night, when the Browns used their third first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft on Miami tight end David Njoku, there was little reason to believe Barnidge would become an immediately expendable figure in Believeland.

You know who else didn't believe that? Gary freaking Barnidge.

Hours later, the Browns alerted Barnidge they are parting ways. Life, you know, comes at you fast.

Oof. The good news for Barnidge? He'll land with another team before camp, and when he does, he'll be tasked with answering exactly zero questions about the relative merits of Brock Osweiler. When the football gods close a door, they superkick a window.

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