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Giants GM Joe Schoen says 'nothing's changed' in contract negotiations with RB Saquon Barkley

There's been no movement toward a long-term contract between the New York Giants and Saquon Barkley.

General manager Joe Schoen said Thursday during Big Blue's pre-draft press conference that he hasn't discussed a new deal with the running back.

"Nothing's changed since we've talked at the owners' meetings. Nothing's changed," he said. "There's nothing new. I haven't talked to him."

During last month's Annual League Meeting, Schoen said the club took the pre-franchise tag for Barkley off the table and planned to revisit the situation later. Asked Thursday if there was a next offer in mind for the running back, Schoen said he's focusing on the draft at this point.

"I'm just going to get through the draft," he said. "My focus right now is solely on that. There's no rush right now. I just want to get through the draft, and then step back after that, and see what the roster looks like and go from there."

Added Schoen: "When we had the conversations with Saquon, it was known that we would get to a certain point and then we were going to move on and regroup at a certain time. It was before free agency started. That hasn't really affected anything that we talked about."

With the Giants using the $10.091 million franchise tag on Barkley, sides have until July 17 to come to a multi-year deal. Otherwise, the RB will play on the one-year tender. Since Barkley has yet to sign the tender, he's not available to participate in offseason workouts. The question is how long Barkley might sit out.

"You have to ask him, I don't know what his plan is," Schoen said when asked if he plans on Barkley being on the field to start the season. "I haven't talked to him in probably three weeks."

One player Schoen has spoken to is Dexter Lawrence, who skipped the start of voluntary workouts in hopes of getting a new contract.

"I've talked to Dexter's representatives this week. Dialogue is good there, so I've talked to him." Schoen said. "Again, it's hard this time of year, we're deep into the draft and the draft prep, but we've had good conversations with Dexter's representatives. We'll see where that stands and move forward."

Lawrence is one of several star defensive tackles looking for new deals this offseason. Much like Jets D-lineman Quinnen Williams skipping voluntary workouts, it's little surprise Lawrence didn't show up this early in the offseason without a new deal.

"It's voluntary. If Dexter chooses not to be here, that's his decision," Schoen said. "Dexter knows how we feel about him, and he knows he's an important part of the organization. There's a business side of it, too, but him showing up for the offseason program is voluntary."

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